how to find Wireless connection on fujitsu

  birdface 16:28 18 Jan 2009

Hi.Anybody know how turn on the wireless connection on a Fujitsu siemens laptop 6 monthe
s old

  birdface 16:31 18 Jan 2009

Sorry its a laptop.

  howard64 16:34 18 Jan 2009

I have seen various key combinations for switching on wireless on different laptops. Often it is a combination of the function 'fn' key and 1 other. Perhaps a look in the manual either yours or on the fujitsu siemens site?

  birdface 16:44 18 Jan 2009

Its an amilo li 2735.And in my grandaughters house and the light is bad.usually a switch on some .but I think it is different keys on this one.

  birdface 18:23 18 Jan 2009

Here I am back home on my own computer just thinking how easy it would be to Google for the problem.But No.It looks as thought its going to get a bit complicated.The only solution I have found is to press FN and F1 but that does not work.Speaking to my grandaughter is a waste of time.In one ear out of the other.Asked her where all the paperwork for the was.In the bin was the reply.So far googling I have found no direct answers.I should have mentioned that she is using Vista which only confuses me.There are no switches on it for turning on the wireless set up.Using a Netgear WGR614.Why do they make it so difficult to turn on a wireless connection I do not know.Anyone out there using the same computer or anyone with any information it would be most helpful. Just in case I got it wrong you press f+n +F1 is that the correct order as that is what I tried.

  MAT ALAN 18:24 18 Jan 2009

You can either use the sliding “Wireless” button on the right-hand side of the laptop or use the Fn and F2 keys at the same time. Some models have the ON/OFF wireless button just below the touchpad.

  birdface 18:53 18 Jan 2009

[sliding “Wireless” button]Cant find any wireless button never mind a slider.[ON/OFF wireless button just below the touchpad]Not there.Fn and F2.Never tried that.I take it you mean to press the F+the N + The F2 buttons at the same time.Will try that to-morrow.Thank you for your help.Maybe getting this wrong Fn key is that one key or is it short for something else.

  MAT ALAN 19:01 18 Jan 2009

You should be able to see the wireles logo on one of the keys.
Stupid question but it is wireless capable!!!

  woodchip 19:02 18 Jan 2009

fn and keys that work in combination will most likely be blue letters on keys not white. Some are white so you need to check fn most likely will be bottom left of keyboard

  birdface 19:09 18 Jan 2009

Hi thanks for that,blue letters on the keys.I don't think so but it was a bit dim.Daughter is using Using those energy saving light bulbs so that Heathrow can build a new runway.So the FN key is only one key.If so no wonder I could not fix it.I did look but could not see a key with Fn on it.I will take my magnifying glass with me the next time.

  birdface 19:17 18 Jan 2009

It is only 6 months old and I have been told that it is wireless capable.I managed to get my other Grandaughters working as it had a switch on the front that you turn on.Also security how do you include any security on it.And what would you advise.

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