how to find the windows cd key

  howard64 18:57 25 Oct 2011

I have taken the hard drive out of a netbook and I have connected it to my main pc in order to find the cd key so that I can reinstall w7 on it. I have downloaded magical jelly beans key finder and used the hive to view the drive. It tells me I do not have the permissions necessary to do this. Can anyone either tell me how to overcome this or point to another free key finder prog. Thanks in advance.

  Nontek 19:05 25 Oct 2011

Reinstall W7 .... in which case, the Key should be on a sticker on the outside of the computer.

  Nontek 19:07 25 Oct 2011

PS - I meant to add, on the outside of the original computer of course.

  gengiscant 19:10 25 Oct 2011

This a great bit of software will even pull a COA number off a problem PC if you plug the hard-drive in to your own rig.


  robin_x 19:10 25 Oct 2011

WinGuggle may help. I'm not sure these things give you the correct key anyway.

You can backup your existing encrypted key then restore after re-installing.

How to reinstall Windows without reactivate

  howard64 19:20 25 Oct 2011

the netbook does not have a cd key sticker on it nor does it even have a manufacturers name but it is well specked 2GB ram 320GB disk web cam. When you try and start it attempts to start w7 ultimate it eventually ends with a bsod and memory dump. I have tried produkey but it does not show it and says that w7 can give it problems. I cannot back it up as I cannot get it to run. I would like to be able to edit msconfig on the drive while connected to mine but do not know how to do this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 25 Oct 2011

Tried a startup repair?

Put drive back in netbook

Tap F8 as it boots to get into tools select startup repair from the menu.

  howard64 20:22 25 Oct 2011

thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ I have tried using startup repair but it fails to correct things

  woodchip 23:35 25 Oct 2011

My Samsung nc10 Netbook as the Key stuck to the bottom of the Netbook. I put Cellophane over it so it does not get rubbed off

  woodchip 23:37 25 Oct 2011

PS the one in Regedit is not the same as the one on the Label Windows changes it when you first install windows to a different format Number

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