how to find who's linked to my photos?

  mco 13:28 26 May 2007

I have a couple of photos of my daughter on an educational site I have and in the last month or so my stats are showing people viewing the photos directly, not from my site- I think the term is 'hotlinking'. It's annoying because they are not coming from another site so I can't tell where they've been put up. The various ISP's suggest it is something bona fide and educational, so I probably wouldn't object, but is there anyway at all of locating the source of this hotlinking? I know I can change the name of the photos concerned and break the link, or even put a message on instead - but is there another way?

  Forum Editor 18:21 26 May 2007

by uing a .htaccess file in the root of your webspace. If you're not familiar with the process I suggest that you click here

If hotlinking gets out of hand it can quickly deplete your bandwidth allowance, and you'll end up with unpleasant bills from your host.

  mco 21:25 26 May 2007

I had a look at that earlier on. I think initially I might just post a message on the same link and then see what happens. At the moment it is only happening two or three times a day but if it gets worse I'll certainly do as you say.

  Gingermum 13:20 08 Jun 2007

Try changing the name of the photo if it's not too much hassle. Should stop it for a while.

Have you tried googling the name of the photo? It might work.

  mco 16:44 08 Jun 2007

I've changed the name of the photos on the site, and have put up a jpg file with the original photos' names saying it's been linked to without permission - just to see if I get any clues as to where it's come from - but |I haven't yet. I've googled the photo but with no luck so far. Am getting more hits on the old photos(the one I've now put a message on) and so in another week or so I'll delete them and do this ht.access thing FE says. Just still curious, that's all.

  mco 16:44 08 Jun 2007

I'll tick resolved, because at least I'll know how to stop it.

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