How to find and remove malicious program

  ponytail 10:02 06 Jun 2018

Whenever I go online now I keep getting the following ad appearing. People are becoming rich with the Britcoin system tools Can anyone tell me what it is and how to stop it.Found the following on Google click here says to start the removal I need to remove the malicious programs but how do I identify them and then remove them.


  Gordon Freeman 11:08 06 Jun 2018

Have you tried running MBAM [MalwareBytes Anti-Malware] free version?

MBAM free

Also run ADW:


  Gordon Freeman 11:14 06 Jun 2018

Infact, all the information you need to follow is contained in the link which you provided...

  ponytail 10:02 07 Jun 2018

I no longer have Malwarebytes as I only had a trial version and the trial period has expired and I use Bullguard.The first link I sent says uninstall the malicious programs from Windows but how can I tell what these programs are.Thanks

  wee eddie 10:41 07 Jun 2018

When the Trial Period (14 days I think) of Malwarebytes finishes it automatically becomes the free version. You have to Update and Run that yourself (I run it every Sunday afternoon, immediately after running CCleaner)but it is the best for Malware (not Viruses) around.

Bullguard is an Anti Virus and does not protect you from Malware.

  ponytail 11:39 07 Jun 2018

I have just done a scan with ADW and the result said 13 threats found 12 removed.Also did a scan with Bullguard.Will wait and see what happens.

  cowolter 13:19 11 Jun 2018

I protect all my pc's with Avast Antivirus. This is defenitely a user choice and others will swear theirs is better. I'm not going to say Avast is better than the others, it just became my AV of choice.

I like the boot-time scan Avast offers. Resident protection is excellent, although some find the detection warning screen that pops up can be intrusive and can cause undue worry. I set my screen saver so that Avast scans whenever the pc isn't being used and the user interface is my favourite. I also like the fact that it updates silently and you only notice that the updates have taken place when a little box pops up on the bottom right of the screen letting you know.

I have tried AVG and Avira also. I couldn't really take to AVG, even though it is the most popular free AV program. I found the update function intrusive, placing a box in the middle of the screen until the update has completed. This probably can be switched off, but I didn't use the program long enough to find out. Avira has the best detection rate, but I found the hueristic scanning a little too sensitive giving quite a few false positives. Also it constantly reminds you it's there, there's a little nag screen that pops up which I found quite

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