How to find out what socket my motherborad has?

  Leehndrsn 21:52 05 May 2005


How can I find out what socket my motherboard has as I want to upgrade etc and would like to know if i need to get the same socket type or would I have to get a new P4 to match?



  russmini 21:56 05 May 2005

If you know the make of your motherboard , go onto their site and have a look around on there, they should tell you.

If you do not know make download everest or belarc and they will tell you make and everything else about your machine.

click here

  Leehndrsn 22:02 05 May 2005

Comes up with SIS 645 for the chipset.... would the 645 be the socket number?

  andrew-196854 22:13 05 May 2005

no its not click on the motherboard icon and make a note of what it says under motherboard name then go to the website and look for the exact model number hope this helps

  Leehndrsn 22:15 05 May 2005

Socket 478 :)

So would I need to upgrade to another 478 motherboard as I intend to use the same P4 for now till I can also upgrade that

  andrew-196854 22:17 05 May 2005

i know this may sound silly but why do you want to change your motherboard

  Leehndrsn 22:20 05 May 2005

Its over 3 years old now and i'm upgrading pretty much everything else so why leave it out? also I want more memory space only have 2 slots on here and would like USB 2.0, better BUS speed etc ete

  andrew-196854 22:23 05 May 2005

ok but i would make sure that your new motherboard you get supports the fsb of your old processer

  Leehndrsn 22:26 05 May 2005

I had no idea what the socket was yet you think I can match the fsb?? ;)

Instead of making me feel more dumber than I am how about tell me how I check lol

  Leehndrsn 22:32 05 May 2005

No worries it fine, my P4 is only a 2.2 so a new board will support it as im looking at getting a one to support a max of 800 MHz for future P4 upgrade

  andrew-196854 22:33 05 May 2005

you know where you looked on everest for your motherboard name it will say front side bus it will say effective clock ie 533mhz ps please could you tell me the name and model of your motherboard ?? i guess you found it

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