How to find out the memory for the Geforce Ti4200

  lulu100 18:04 22 Feb 2003

I received my new computer recently from Carrera which should have the upgraded MSI GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB installed. Although in the device manager, it shown as MSI NVIDIA Geforce 4 Ti4200 (AGP8x), I could not find any info about the memory of the card.

In the MSI Info under Display Properties, the VGA Card Info shown as 32MB and SDRAM! I can't understand why and am not sure whether it is the 128MB card I ordered. The model no of the card is MS8894 but both 64MB and 128MB have the same model number. How can I find out the memory of my card? Anybody help??

(Carrera claimed that they did not sell 32MB card and asked me to contact technical support. I also tried the MSI live technical support but could not send the message through.)

  AndySD 18:06 22 Feb 2003

click here Belarc Advisor should tell you

  rickf 09:42 23 Feb 2003

You can always take out the caer to have a look. There should be a sticker telling you the capacity of it. Only if you are confident about doing this. I believe it also shows the capacity at start up. Look at the boot creen when its booting up.

  smcarlsen 10:50 23 Feb 2003

I have recently installed a GeForce Ti4200 4800SE & when I go into Display Properties then click on Advanced, I have the option to select the GeForce Ti4200 4800SE Tab, this gives lots of info about the card.

  tenor 13:37 23 Feb 2003

When you boot your comp the first thing you should see is the g.c type and mem.

  « Ravin » 13:43 23 Feb 2003

maybe updating the drivers should help?

  lulu100 00:44 25 Feb 2003

Thanks a lot for the helpful advice. I have sorted this out by looking into the advanced tab under display properties. It was a 128MB card - just still can't understand why it displayed as 32MB in VGA information.

Anyway, thanks again.

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