How to figure out if a cpu cooler is compatible

  russellgrd 10:48 26 Nov 2014

Hi Every one - I have a very loud CPU fan and its over bearing for me, specially as the pc is in my bedroom. I would like to buy a quieter fan / cooler but not sure how to ascertain if the model or make would work with my pc.

Below are my specs - if any one could please point me in the right direction please:

AMD FX(tm) - 6200 Six-Core Processor 3.80 GHz
16 GB of Ram windows 7 64-bit Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB 2 TB hard rive space

Thanks Russell

  Bris 17:49 26 Nov 2014

The cooler has to match the socket which in your case is an AM3+ (but check).

Check the spec of one you fancy which will tell you which socket it will fit. Amazon is a good place to start - search on "CPU coolers". Most current coolers will come with a variety of brackets that will fit all current sockets.

Most third party coolers are much larger than the stock cooler so you need to make sure it will fit in the case and also not foul the memory sticks or any expansion cards such as your graphics card.

Most require you to have access to the back of the motherboard so you will probably have to remove it.

Before fitting the new cooler clean off the old thermal paste. The new one will come with new paste.

HOWEVER. Before you consider a new fan its worth checking that the existing heat sink is not clogged with fluff as the system will run the fan at full speed in an attempt to keep the CPU cool.

  russellgrd 22:46 02 Dec 2014

Thanks a lot Bris for the reply. You were right there was a huge layer of dust under the fan! i am going to get some air spray to sort it out, i believe thats the way to do it.

Take care :)

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