how to fax from pc?

  jam2morrow 21:06 10 May 2009

hi there, i have a laptop and a broadband connection, and a phone line. what is the easiest/cheapest way for me to send faxes?

an online service looks like a simple solution but there would be a recurring monthly subscription fee.

what are the alternatives? can i send faxes down a broadband modem? what hardware and software do i need?

thanks, james

  OTT_Buzzard 21:10 10 May 2009

click here

Similar thread recently. post back if you still have questions!

  jam2morrow 22:22 10 May 2009

hi, thanks info buzzard.

i occasionally need to send documents to fax numbers. in case it is relevant, i have cable broadband.

so many options... to summarise:

1. online service such as myfax £5/mth or possibly popfax £3.60/mth. easiest set up, least technical knowledge required.

2. send fax over internet using software like FaxTools eXPert 8 for $50. no subscription fee? no additional hardware required? how does this work? can this set up receive faxes?

3. external modem hardware plus software, for example, zoom fax modem (assuming zoom V.92 external usb modem works the cost is £28.99 at amazon) with mightyfax software (free). cables would be a bit messy.


  BRYNIT 22:53 10 May 2009

I think the easiest and cheapest would be USB fax modem usually £20+ Connects computer to phone line when needed to send a Fax. click here

  Stuartli 00:13 11 May 2009

You can buy a 56k fax modem for under a tenner for use with a standard phone line.

If you are using XP, the Windows Fax Console will be more than adequate - Windows has always had an excellent fax program in the past, with Windows Messaging still having been one of the best.

With broadband you would have to use an e-mail to fax type service; this example is free, but I don't know if it is any good:

click here

Others include:

click here

When I was with Tiscali, it used to allocate individual 0870 fax numbers which converted e-mails to fax, but made little money out of the enterprise and dropped it.

  Catastrophe 02:39 11 May 2009

I gave up FAX years ago.

Why not just scan and attach to eMail.

  smokingbeagle 16:17 11 May 2009

Many laptops including recent models, have a built-in dial-up modem.

Have you checked?

If it does, you need to connect it to the telephone side of the DSL filter. XP and Vista have fax software included.

  chub_tor 19:50 11 May 2009

Vista does not have fax on the Home Basic or Home Premium editions only on the PRO and Ultimate versions, but you are correct that most laptops have a dial up modem built in. There are several free fax software packages available via a Google search.

  Cesar 13:44 12 May 2009

I use Actfax click here it is free for one user make a note of the licence No
since downloading it I have used it intensively without any Problems.

  Stuartli 14:07 12 May 2009

I use both broadband and a dial up modem - the latter is used, but on rare occasions now, to send faxes when appropriate.

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