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How to factory reset Headrest DVD players

  Louis Louis 10:11 05 Jun 2018

Hi, I have a generic unbranded 10" Headrest DVD system off ebay. The type that doesn't have detailed instructions and no identifiable brand to search.

click here has switched the language to Polish and now the unit's display goes blank after 2 seconds. I can't watch anything or even try and switch the language back. Does anyone know how to factory reset?

Ta Louis


  onthelimit1 11:21 05 Jun 2018

It should be under Menu, but if you can't get the display to stay lit, then not possible. Suspect it's died on you!

  Louis Louis 12:48 05 Jun 2018

"onthelimit1" What a pointless reply......this is the problem with these forums, 50% useful posts 50% useless. Most can be reset with a key combo or holding a key. If you haven't anything useful to say......say nothing.

  wee eddie 13:28 05 Jun 2018

First thought: Assuming you have just purchased it. Get in contact with the Seller.

Second thought: I assume that you have connected it to a suitable source of Signal, e.g. a DVD Player?

  wee eddie 13:32 05 Jun 2018

Third thought: OTL's thought that it might have died on you is relevant.

As OTL is one of the regulars, your lack of manners will be noted and I suspect that few will deign to respond to your request.

  Louis Louis 13:46 05 Jun 2018

Anyother waste of keystrokes......

The item is unbranded so I dont know who the manufacturer is. As this is Asian rubbish of eBay the seller doesn't understand the issue due to the language barrier and their limited copy/paste reply database.

I simply want someone who has one of these awful units to comment saying something like "Ah yes, I know the issue hold the stop button for 15 seconds to force a reset" - not too much to hope for. I'd rather to reply than mindless waffle......

Im sorry if you think I have offended your buddy but it has to be said, these forums are full of useless information from people bumping their post stats. Truth hurts.....

  alanrwood 13:48 05 Jun 2018

Wee Eddie. Hit the nail on the head. I don't give my time and experience to ill mannered people. Go elsewhere is my advice.

  wee eddie 14:18 05 Jun 2018

In the pictures, I can see a small hole > Back > left side > 7 bars down > try sticking a pin in there

  Ian in Northampton 15:05 05 Jun 2018

I guess anyone who buys a generic, unbranded DVD player off eBay deserves this kind of unhelp from us saddos with nothing better to do with our time than bumping up our post count.

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