How to extract data from old pc.

  Meshuga 17:39 06 Dec 2004

I have 2 pcs running xp home connected via ethernet cables through a Netgear 834 modem/router.I am on Broadband512.I have an old disused pc using win me with some data on the hard drive that I would like to transfer to one of the other pcs.It does not have an ethernet port but has USB ports and the usual parrallel and serial ports.What is the best,and simplest, way of connecting and doing it please. Meshuga.

  VoG II 17:41 06 Dec 2004

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  Dorsai 17:53 06 Dec 2004

Take the HDD out of old PC, put in one of the other PC's, then cut and Paste?

It's what i would do.

  Meshuga 18:09 06 Dec 2004

That looks promising. Will study it.Thanks Dorsai,had thought of that but thought there might be a way without any dismantling.

  Dorsai 18:54 06 Dec 2004

Fair Play Meshuga. For me, the quickest thing would be to find a screwdriver, but not all want to delve into a PC's inner working, as it does have the risk of doing damage.

Does the other PC also have internet access?

If so you could email the files to yourself off the old PC, then retrieve them on the new..Just a thought.

  Meshuga 19:30 06 Dec 2004

Dorsai.Now thats a good idea. It does have internet access. Will show it resolved for now. Regards, Meshuga.

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