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How to extract contacts from Outlook 2007?

  clarkes 19:53 26 Jan 2017

Help, please. Program sync deleted a bunch of contacts from Outlook 2002. I would like to restore them. Contacts are stored in outlook.pst Downloaded different program to restore contacts, but they don't help. Can anyone encountered this problem?

  wee eddie 00:55 27 Jan 2017

If you have a Backup copy of your .pst 》Open a new copy of Outlook, calling it Outlook 2 》Import your old backup copy of the .pst file 》Then you can Copy &Paste, whichever Contacts you lost, between the two copies of Outlook

  PepijndeWit 13:13 28 Jan 2017

You sure .pst file is not corrupted? And which program did you try?

  clarkes 13:56 28 Jan 2017

The thing is that the PST file is not broken, it works fine. The problem is that I need to get it deleted contacts. they are there for sure. I used pst walker program. It contacts saw, but doesn't give to take them. only two pulled out, and then offers to register.)

  PepijndeWit 14:37 28 Jan 2017

Try go to this Oemailrecovery source and expand all the tabs and all to read.

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