How to extend my WIFI to all rooms

  Mobstersinc 00:43 22 Nov 2016

Hello, I was wondering how I can use the powerline adapters to extend my WIFI. I'd like to be able to have great WiFi in every room. I just bought one off ebay and it says nothing about needing another unit... Its not boosting anything though. Can anyone suggest what I need please?

  BRYNIT 07:35 22 Nov 2016

CLICK HERE is a Youtube video on a powerline WiFi adapter to give you an idea

  Secret-Squirrel 09:23 22 Nov 2016

I just bought one off ebay......

What did you buy exactly?

  Peter~24 01:41 23 Nov 2016


I think what you have is a wifi extender which takes a weak wifi signal and tries to boost it, not always very successfully.

I think what you need is the type of solution shown in BRYNIT's link, the powerline adapter.

I use a devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Starter Kit. It's expensive, but it provides a new wifi point in the destination location with very good upload and download speeds along with two ethernet ports. The TP Links are probably cheaper, but are likely not to be as fast.


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