how to erase one of the windowa system

  iazmat 20:03 29 Apr 2008

Dear community,
I've just installed Vista on my pc but XP is still there.I mean both systems are on the hard drive.And i am not able to access XP any more.
How can i get rid off one of the system.And i deffinately wanna erase one of them.My pc is AMD Athelon 1.00 GHz with 504mb RAM and 32 bit operating system.Tell me also how to get rid off Vista and keep the xp.
Thank you

  ashdav 23:16 29 Apr 2008
  wis 23:28 29 Apr 2008

wow big trouble in first instance vista needs
min 1 g better 2+

  wis 23:38 29 Apr 2008

ashdav will get you out of this , then when
back on xp go microsoft, down load vista tool
forget exact name but this runs on your system
and will tell you if your system can support vista

but as my previos ram must be 1gb +

  Terry Brown 10:15 30 Apr 2008

Do you have a restore point on your computer previous to installing Vista ?, if so return to that point. Vista requires a much higher specification to run and your machine is barely capable of running XP.
I hope you have the original XP CD and disks for all your software programs ( or a full drive backup somewhere safe).
I would suggest you save your working files (usually all in my documents), format the machine and start from scratch.

  tullie 18:56 30 Apr 2008

Could someone explain please how you can instal Vista over XP,and still have both systems available?

  wis 20:31 30 Apr 2008

yes this made my head spin its not possible is it
on this guys spec pc as well

  ashdav 21:55 30 Apr 2008

Vista is not installed "over" XP but in addition to so there should be the option to boot to either at startup.
I must agree that the specs of iazmats' computer are minimal for XP so I assume he's installed Vista as a trial and found it doesn't work for him and needs to remove it.
Vista alters the boot record (MBR) so that it is seen as the default system even after it is removed hence the links I posted to resolve this.
Usual MS clumsy software in my opinion.

  tullie 22:15 30 Apr 2008

I dont believe this is right,i have installed vista on a xp machine,xp is no longer available,or even exists,unless i had set up a duel boot system.Also,if i had two systems installed,it would take up drive space,which it doesent.

  wis 22:22 30 Apr 2008

how did you install vista

  ashdav 22:36 30 Apr 2008

Depends if you opt for install or dualboot.
If it's install then there's no hope.
If dualboot then there is always the option to go back.
I just assumed this was the case.

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