How to enlarge msconfig window?

  Pineman100 12:53 15 Nov 2008

When I run msconfig, its window is very small, and it seems to be impossible to enlarge it. There's no maximise button, and the edges of the window don't offer any way to drag them.

Is it possible to enlarge this window in any way?

  skidzy 13:09 15 Nov 2008

This will do the job for you,ive just tried it and it definitely works in Vista click here

  Pineman100 14:59 15 Nov 2008

but no luck, I'm afraid. (I should have mentioned that I run XP).

I extracted the dowload and ran it - got a little double-square icon in my System Tray. I then ran msconfig, but it refused to behave any differently. I just couldn't drag the edges of the window at all.

Besides the executable, extracting the download put an icon for a .dll on my desktop (ResizeEnable.dll). Should I do anything with that?

  Clapton is God 15:08 15 Nov 2008

What do you mean by "very small"?

My msconfig window (in XP) fills about half the width and half the height of the monitor screen.

Although the size can't be altered, that's perfectly adequate.

  mgmcc 15:15 15 Nov 2008

It resized the MSCONFIG window for me with XP SP3.

Place all of the files from the ZIP archive into a new folder and run the EXE file from there. You can then grab the bottom right corner of the MSCONFIG window to enlarge it.

  Pineman100 15:16 15 Nov 2008

The window is 17cm wide x 11cm high. The problem is that, in the Startup tab, I have to keep resizing the columns in order to be able to read the full string of an item in the Command column, and to be able to see its location. It's just a nuisance and I wondered whether there was an easy way to resolve it.

But of there isn't, I shan't cry myself to sleep at night. ;o)

  Pineman100 15:22 15 Nov 2008

Thanks mgmcc. I put all the files into one folder, and it worked!

And thanks again, skidzy. How could I have doubted you?!!

  mgmcc 15:23 15 Nov 2008

>>> The window is 17cm wide x 11cm high

The actual size will depend on (a) the size of your particular monitor and (b) the resolution setting you have selected. Irrespective of that, the space available for the details it contains will be the same in relative terms. There is merit in being able to resize its window.

  Batch 16:26 15 Nov 2008

Well well. After all these years - a solution to one of those problems that has niggled.

  skidzy 16:59 15 Nov 2008

Sorry just got back in (ps3 bundle hunting) glad your sorted now.
I should have left instructions,doh !
And also meant to say,it worked in Vista so should work in xp as its an old program .

  howard64 14:36 16 Nov 2008

thanks skidzy handy little prog

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