How to enable Side Band Addressing on ASUS A7N8X?

  BlitZace 11:44 04 Jun 2003

As the title suggests... I've been wanting to enable Side Band Addressing on my ASUS A7N8X Motherboard, as I heard from various people that this would improve the performance of my graphics card. I ran Performance Check Up with SANDRA and it says that Side Band Addressing is supported but is currently disabled. Any suggestions as to how to enable this would be most welcome. - JT

  hugh-265156 13:26 04 Jun 2003

you dont say what graphics card you have.this setting to the best of my knowledge will usually be tested by the graphics card driver along with agp fastwites and if the motherboard or graphics card do not support sideband addressing or the driver "thinks" it will cause instabillity,then it will be disabled.

the only way i know of enabling this manually would be through the likes of rivatuner or powerstrip.both these will support ati or nvidia cards and have this option to manually enable.

  BlitZace 16:39 04 Jun 2003

I have a Connect3D Radeon 9800 Pro. SANDRA actually tells me that Side Band Addressing is supported but isn't enabled.

When trying Powerstrip I noticed that there was a tick box for enabling Side Band Addressing but it wouldn't let me highlight it. Therefore, I wonder whether there's a way of enabling this with the motherboard. Or any other way? Perhaps the ASUS A7N8X m/b or my GFX card don't support it? Cheers - JT

  hugh-265156 16:52 04 Jun 2003

rivatuner latest will let you enable this.but as i said its normally disabled due to the drivers of the graphics card.

it could be smartgart disabling it.

my advice is leave it as the gains will be very small,if any at all and may cause the system to become unstable.

  hugh-265156 16:53 04 Jun 2003

what do your games play like?

  BlitZace 17:22 04 Jun 2003

With 3DMark 2001 I recieve about 15,8xx or thereabouts. Games seem to rune fine, although UT2003 on 1280x1024 can feel quite jerky at times. - JT

  Rayuk 18:32 04 Jun 2003

Found this re jerky graphics see if it applies to you
click here

  hugh-265156 18:40 04 Jun 2003

15xx is superb lol!

jerky graphics in unreal.there is a patch,have you installed it?

cat 3.4 drivers are causing this with unreal for some set ups too.if this is what you have,go back to cat 3.2`s

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