How to: Emailed Questionnaire to be completed on reply/Fwd

  AroundAgain 09:58 03 Aug 2013

I am trying to work out how to design a questionnaire (in Word 2003) that can then be emailed out for the recipients, members of a Computer Club, (Seniors and not very IT literate), can then just click on Reply or Fwd, scroll down and tick in boxes where appropriate.

My problem is, how to create boxes that can be 'ticked' (but probably just a 'Y', without the forwarded email looking like a mass of cells. ie, I've tried using tables with the lines not showing, only a 'box' (cell) showing but it will confuse the recipients and their 'Y's will be all over the place. I don't feel that method will be satisfactory.

I've tried putting in an empty text box but it doesn't show when Reply/Fwd clicked on, and if you find it, it's not in the right position.

Has anyone got any idea as to how this can be done, please?

I'm using Thunderbird, so if WLM works differently, please let me know

Thanks for any help

  Chronos the 2nd 10:05 03 Aug 2013

I really have not much experience in this area except that I have had to fill in forms of this type.

I wonder would in not be simpler to create a editable PDF? Which you can email. Might be something here.

  AroundAgain 10:43 03 Aug 2013

Hi Chronus the 2nd

Thanks, that is a good suggestion but I don't have Acrobat. I'll check out if anyone I know has got this. Might be a possible solution.

Your idea sparked off a thought of converting my 'form' into pdf, having added a few rectangles, then opening it to see how easy it would be to put a 'y' in these boxes. Unfortunately, the (few) clicks one has to do to click on 'Sign', click in a box and type a 'y' is probably a bit more than the members would manage - believe it or not!!! So, only a few 'more' IT literate ones would return the questionnaire, I feel.

I have to say that, by 'not very IT literate' I am suggesting these recipients would have trouble to make a word Bold or use Italics etc. In fact, I am leading a Workshop in Sept to go through (again) how to format using just these basic features. Hence, hoping to be able to just put into an email, them only having to click on reply and fill in the 'ticks'.

Umm, probably easier to leave in Word, or even WordPad, and hope they can open an attachment ;)

My original idea was to have them do it when we're all together, on PAPER, and with help available ;)

Anyway, bearing in mind how (il)literate the recipients, if anyone can think of any more suggestions, I'll be very interested.

Again, thanks

and the 'recipients', ie members of a computer club, wouldn't be able

  AroundAgain 21:41 03 Aug 2013


I've managed to come up with a simple solution. Thanks Chronus the 2nd for prompting me to think again, this time further 'out of the box'

So, instead of boxes, I've put in 4 x red fullstops after each option with an instruction to click within the red dots, type 'Y' where the option is 'Yes', instead of tick

It works well when pasted into email and the Y's show up well, being in colour.

So many thanks. I'm pleased with the result. I'll mark this as solved.

Cheers everyone

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