How to email a scan

  roygbiv 17:47 24 Jan 2003

I know this is a simple problem, but i would like to know (in simple terms). How to scan a A4 sheet of text and email it to a friend. All the Filesize/name is not to clear to me.
Thanks in advance (cheque in mail!!!)

  Stuartli 17:51 24 Jan 2003

Your scanner's program should have the facility to send to Mail Recipient or words to that effect. There is usually a choice of sources you can send the file to on the list.

Or you can right click on the file name and choose send to Mail Recipient/E-mail or however it is listed.

Another method is to scan the text to Word or similar word processor and again use the file to send an e-mail as given above.

  Stuartli 17:53 24 Jan 2003

Should have said that if you send to Mail Recipient you should get an Outlook Express message panel on screen with the file as an attachment.

You then add where it is being sent to and add any message before sending as normal.

  Pesala 21:10 25 Jan 2003

Sending scans to your friends by email requires some knowledge if you want to keep your friends.

I scanned a 5½" x 7" hand-written letter at 300 dpi, and saved it as JPG (the best format for compression). Still, it was 3 Mbytes. You will not be popular if you send attachments of this size or larger.

I experimented with different settings, and got satisfactory results by scanning at 50 dpi, and saving the JPG at 75% quality. This reduced the aforesaid file size to 29 Kbytes, but it was still perfectly legible. You can also reduce the colours to minimise file sizes.

If you are scanning photos, you can reduce file sizes more by reducing the JPG quality right down to 20% or less, but text or line drawings become blurred at these low settings.

For text, reduce the resolution; for graphics reduce the JPG quality.

  DieSse 00:43 26 Jan 2003

For plain text, also set you scan to black and white only - this cuts down the file size dramatically.

  Forum Editor 00:55 26 Jan 2003

Scan your text into a Word document. Try it as a grayscale image at 100dpi and save the Word doc.

Then you can send it as an attachment with your email. The advantage of using this method is that almost anyone will be able to open the file, and Word will keep the filesize down. I commonly send people scanned text in this way, and one A4 sheet of text at 100dpi grayscale averages out at about 240Kb - no problem in size terms, and a really clear, sharp image. I you want to reduce the size even further take the resolution down to 75dpi.

  Pesala 21:03 26 Jan 2003

Surely you cannot embed an image in any Wordprocessor and end up with a file smaller than the original graphic image? Not everyone has Word on their system or wants to open it to view files. To view a JPG image email attachment one just double-clicks on it.

If you don't have an image viewer installed, download and install Irfan View, which makes it easy to zoom in, crop, etc.

Converting low-resolution colour scans of text to black and white makes them illegible. You can save some more space by reducing colours to 16 or 256.

  Stuartli 21:12 26 Jan 2003

Nobody had actually mentioned colour scans..:-)

  roygbiv 12:39 27 Jan 2003

Thank You (everyone) for your replies. Sorry, but I should of said, I have about 10 to 20 pages A4 (white paper) with about each sheet with (max) 2/3 full of (black) Text. Do I just press the email button, on the scanner?. What is Greyscale/black and white (obvious, I think), line art, jpg or bmp, How big/small should the file be?. Does the internet speed upset things? (mine is 24.0kbps,max).
Not so straight forward (to me)by the look of it.
Alan (confused).

  hgrock 12:48 27 Jan 2003

You can scan anything and save it as a jpeg file then send it as an a atachment, but it depends on the size, most free email has a size limit ithink 2 MB, also if the other person has a slow dial up it may take ages to download, scan the file move it to a graphis program and reduce it to a smaller sizw then atach or insert it into your mail

  Switcher 12:52 27 Jan 2003

If you scan each A4 page at a resolution of 72 or 96 dpi then use optical character recognition software (OCS) to convert the scanned image to text you can then send the info as a text file.

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