How to E-mail someones question & ans to friend

  Pamy 14:16 29 Dec 2005

Hello everyone, I have just seen a members question and many helpfull replies and would like to E-Mail all of it(question and all answers so far given) to a friend, could anyone please advise me if this is possible and if so how to do it. My E-Mail provider is Yahoo.


  Skyver 14:20 29 Dec 2005

Go to the thread, highlight the entire address at the top of the page, right click and select Copy, create your new email, right click and select Paste to put the page link into the email. If the email is rejected because it contains such a link, do the same again but replace the leading http:// part with h--p:// and tell your friend to re-insert the `t`'s after they've pasted the address into their own address bar.

  The Dazza 14:21 29 Dec 2005

The good old fashioned way would work. Left click and highlight the whole of the text, right mouse click and select copy. Open MS Word, right mouse click & paste. Save Word document & attach as an email to whoever you like.

  Smegs 14:22 29 Dec 2005

Hello Pamy.

If you HIGHLIGHT the address bar, so it's BLUE, then right click, then select copy. Then open an email page to whom you wish to send to, then Paste.

That should work.

  Forum Editor 14:34 29 Dec 2005

that all of the threads and posts on our site are subject to our copyright.

We have absolutely no objection to your emailing a friend a link to the thread in question, but please do NOT copy text from our pages, as suggested by The Dazza - even for one friend. Once that happens we have no control over the content - one friend can email to another, and that friend could email to several people, and so on - the text might end up with hundreds of people, or even in print somewhere.

Send as many links as you like - your friend is welcome to read the posts in the forum, and can register with us if he/she feels inclined.

  Pamy 14:38 29 Dec 2005

Hey, Skyver, The Dazza and Smegs, thanks for quick replies. Sorry I was so long to reply but computer froze, heard two little clicking sounds from HDD then it froze. Rebooted no problem.

Will try your suggestions and get back a little latter. Thanks, Pamy

  britto 14:40 29 Dec 2005

While on the page in Internet Explorer

File,Send,Link by E-mail

  Pamy 14:40 29 Dec 2005

Sorry FE, will not do that then.

  The Dazza 14:41 29 Dec 2005

Sorry Forum Editor, I didn't know this site was copyright protected.

  Pamy 14:44 29 Dec 2005

Thanks everyone for your help, decided I will tell my friend what I learned when I next see them


  pj123 14:49 29 Dec 2005

You could also advise your friend to log in and register on the PCA Forum. That way he/she could read and respond to all the threads.

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