How to drag and drop

  ponytail 10:14 09 Nov 2012

I have never used this facility before so can anyone advise.How do I drag and drop a file from one folder to another when only one folder is open

  ponytail 10:17 09 Nov 2012

Forgot to mention I am using windows 7

  Nontek 10:17 09 Nov 2012

Open the second folder as well - you may need to reduce size of folders to fit alongside each other. Then left-click and hold mousse button on item to be moved and drag it across to the receiving folder. Simples!

  Forum Editor 10:22 09 Nov 2012

You don't need to open the destination folder at all. As long as it is visible you can simply drop the file on the folder icon and it will be inserted. Of course, if you want to insert the file into a sub-folder within the destination folder you must open it first - then drop the file on the sub-folder's icon.

  ponytail 10:49 09 Nov 2012

Thanks for the advice what I am trying to do is download a few music tracks for my wife.They are located in a folder within documents.I went into media player and it says drag and drop on the R/H side but how do I get the folder within documents open whilst media player is still open.On my last PC I used XP and it was so simple I would just click on move folder select where to move it to and click move is there nothing like this on Windows 7

  Nontek 10:53 09 Nov 2012

You should still get 'move to folder' - 'copy to folder' in Win 7 when you right-click on an item.

  lotvic 11:20 09 Nov 2012

If this is to do with the burn music cd in Media Player....

You need to add the files to Windows Media Player Library. (File - Add to library)

  ponytail 13:30 09 Nov 2012

Thanks for advice the following is what I have been doing.Went into documents opened folder A then folder B which contains CD 1 and CD 2 clicked on CD 1 to bring up tracklist then opened media player and drag and dropped selected tracks onto media player where it says drag items here to create a playlist then clicked on burn but start burn icon not highlighted any more advice appreciated

  lotvic 19:19 09 Nov 2012

After you add files to your Player Library, you can play the files, burn mix CDs, create playlists, sync the files to portable music and video players, and stream the files to other devices on your home network. There are several methods you can use to add files to your Player Library: ClickHere

  ponytail 09:44 10 Nov 2012

Hi nontek have tried what you suggested right clicking on the item but neither move to folder or copy to folder appear

  Nontek 10:51 10 Nov 2012

When I right-click on any file within my My Music folder, I get all the options copy/move etc...

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