how to download from youtube

  Damarc 16:05 10 Aug 2014

I can't see anything on the youtube website that enables you to download and keep on pc any video. i want to incorporate one in powerpoint but won't have an internet connection when I'm doing the presentation so can someone advise how to do this please in easy steps Thank you

  mole1944 16:20 10 Aug 2014

Try dvdsoft it's a suite of programs that will do the job free as well.

  wee eddie 16:54 10 Aug 2014

YTD Downloader. I'm on my phone at the moment. I'll load a link when I get back to my PC

  AroundAgain 17:33 10 Aug 2014

If you use Firefox as your browser, you can download this Add-on, DownloadHelper, for free. I find it's extremely good

  BT 17:54 10 Aug 2014

Youtube Downloader

Get the free version.

YouTube Downloader and Converter

  rdave13 18:28 10 Aug 2014

There's also aTube catcher which is excellent I think. filehippo link .

If you're going to try it then remember to use the 'custom' install and any boxes ticked for further programs to be installed, then untick from bottom of list upwards. Freebies come with sponsored and unwanted programs today so that will be true of any freebies you'll download. You might also need to click a 'declined' tab as well.

  dangerus1 21:34 10 Aug 2014

I have used YTD for a year or two now and find it very easy to use but as rdave13 says go for the custom install. follow his filehippo link even when installing any free program

  Damarc 10:19 11 Aug 2014

Thanks to all, fantastic. Have downloaded YTD as per Rdave13's instructions and all is well. I shall remember the custom install in future because I've had problems with installing the associated stuff in the past. I always thought custom install was for those who knew what they were doing and could pick and choose within the original program. So thanks for that info as well.

  stevethetester 18:25 13 Aug 2014

Hi, If you use Firefox it's worth trying the free "download Helper" add on which is available from the official add on site (please make sure you choose the one with the 3 round globes) I've stopped using the other stand alone solutions and even if you don't normally use Firefox (my normal browser of choice is Google Chrome because it is so much faster) it's worth installing for this alone-I've been downloading without any issues at all for several years now and find it so much easier than messing around with yet another stand alone program on my pc. Hope this helps! Steve

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