how download memory card digi cam to pc

  snow baby 11:21 28 Mar 2004

hi,new to do i down load my memory card from digi camera to pc.i have memory card slot in modem.cant find info on camara instruction.only info for using usb cable.not had pc long,need all help i can get.thank you.

snow baby

  grabster 12:11 28 Mar 2004

hi,do you have the usb cable ? i believe all cameras come with one supplied .
if you are using winxp then your camera should show as an extra drive.
simply open the device and "select get pic's from camera" at least thats how my canon a60 works.

  snow baby 13:41 28 Mar 2004

have cable for kodak cam.also have memory card port in modem box,cant i just pop it in that and down load into my picture file somehow?


snow baby

  Bagsey 14:01 28 Mar 2004

I you have a card slot that matches the card in your camera then just take the card and put it in the slot. Go to my computer and the reader should show up as a drive click on the drive and open up the photo directory on the card and transfer them to a Folder on your hard disk.

  snow baby 18:40 28 Mar 2004

got your work cut out with me.went into my computer.hard disc driven come up,no photo directory.think i messed that up ,as it looks not the same as it was.something about shortcut and fix it,so i pressed yes.however i tink the pics down loaded somewhere with the help of the lexmark wizard,so i dont know where they are,looked every where.wizard scans pics ,but no image on you really think you can help?thanks for trying. snow baby.

  grabster 19:47 28 Mar 2004

try using start/search and set the advanced options to find only picture files.a window will open,right click and select view-thumbnails,if the pics are there you will see them,right click a picture and open folder and make a note of the folder location for next's easier done than said.

  snow baby 23:17 28 Mar 2004

i done it!!!!!!easy peasy when u know how.thanks for all filed and tucked away where i can find doubt i will need help when i want to print them with borders,so look out for me,if you know how.good night.(mega headache now) snowbaby

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