How to download IE 6

  Andsome 08:48 14 Oct 2003

I have XP running IE 6 of course. I want to download IE 6 to a folder and then save it to CD so that I can install it for a friend. She has a very slow internet connection, and the download on her machine keeps stopping part way through. As I have IE 6 on my computer already, I have not been able to find a download.

  expertec 08:55 14 Oct 2003

Go to click here you can download the setup file, sommewhere in setup there is an option to save the files for install later, or you could use a coverdisc, it's usually on the PCA disc

  expertec 08:58 14 Oct 2003

If you get a copy off a cover disc and you want to get rid of the branding, get IE De-brander from click here

  Andsome 09:14 14 Oct 2003

Many thanks. Unfortunately it only downloaded the setup file, and I obviously don't want to open the setup file. I will have to search on all my old PCA disc's.

  Stuartli 09:24 14 Oct 2003

There's an easy, built-in way to get rid of the branding in IE and without any need to edit the registry or download any software...:-)

First close down Internet Explorer then click Start and Run. In the Open dialog box type:

rundll32.exe iedkcs32.dll,Clear

(note the space after .exe and comma before Clear)

and click OK. Easiest way is to copy and paste the line itself.

After restarting Internet Explorer the annoying ISP branding should disappear.

If you have Spywareblaster you can use the IE feature to add your name or other text to the bar if you wish afterwards.

Using a cover disk for installing IE6 usually means lots of downloads of critical updates etc - best to get the latest version from Microsoft's website.

  Jester2K II 09:24 14 Oct 2003

click here

ie60.exe 70 mb

  Andsome 10:05 14 Oct 2003

You are a star. Many thanks. I can now do my Knight in Shining armour act.

  Jester2K II 12:36 14 Oct 2003

You might find its the IE6 and not SP2 version so you might need to run Windows Update after.

  Andsome 08:33 15 Oct 2003

You are right. On her old machine with a slow connection, it took 1 hour and 19 minutes to update. There are still 43 offered update which I have yet to look at, I downloaded all the critical ones.

  Dave123 08:50 15 Oct 2003

I needed IE6, so I went to Tescos and bought their CD pack for about £1.00. Although the CD includes all the stuff you need to set up with Tescos, if you search around on the CD there is a folder which contains IE6 and it will install from here. Saves having to down load it and you have a permanant copy for future use.

  Jester2K II 08:58 15 Oct 2003

Good point. Most ISP disks will have IE6 SP1 on them now. Make sure it does't auto run by holding down SHIFT when inserting the CD.

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