How to download Eset smart security 5

  birdface 12:49 28 Jul 2012

How to download Eset smart security 5 without using the CD it came with.

Daughters old Computer the DVD Drive does not work[Knackered I believe.]How can I download Eset and just add the keycode.

I have tried downloading the trial versions but they don't ask for the keycode they ask for the username and password.

Must be an easy way to do this but I cannot thing what.

Any advice welcome.

  birdface 12:53 28 Jul 2012

Sorry should have said it is a 3 user package if that makes any difference.

  retep888™ 13:10 28 Jul 2012

click here for ESET Knowledgebase - Home Support & enter the key code after installation.

  daz60 13:17 28 Jul 2012

From their support site,have a try.

ESET transfer

you may have to un-install and re-install.

it seems you do need username and password.

  birdface 13:20 28 Jul 2012


That looks good when I tried before it just had the username and password or trial version looking at your one it includes the keycode which is what I am looking for.

Many thanks for your help with a bit of luck I will be able to try it today.

  birdface 13:23 28 Jul 2012

Thanks daz60 that leads to the same one as retep888™ posted so looking good so far.

  birdface 00:07 29 Jul 2012

Well that never worked.Only the 2 choices Name and Password or Trial.

  retep888™ 01:45 29 Jul 2012

In this case,network your daughter's PC with another computer,and then go into the 2nd PCs with a working dvd drive and set it as shared.

From your daughter's PC if you can see the shared dvd drive, then put the softwares in that PC and install software from your daughter's PC as if its own.

click here for how to share Cd & DVD drives over the network on Windows

  birdface 07:00 29 Jul 2012


It looks a bit complicated for me so will give it a miss and just install MSE back on to her computer if no luck with Eset.

I will try contacting them to see what they say.

  birdface 07:09 29 Jul 2012

Just wondering if after the trial version of Eset has run out whether it will ask for a keycode then.

Probably I would think.

  birdface 07:38 29 Jul 2012

Ok problem solved probably.

When I downloaded Eset on my computer in May I had to activate it using the keycode and Eset replied by e-mail giving me a username and password.

Just checked through my old E-mails and sure enough it was in there.

So will give that a try the next time I am up at her house.

Many thanks for your help and sorry it was an easy solution that I should have checked before proceeding.

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