how to download books to hudl

  gandolph 16:10 07 Dec 2013

have just bought the hudl and have been trying for a week to download books onto it.i have hundreds on my kindle I also have them in my Calibre library. But nothing I do works'i was told to download the kindle app.which I did and I now have the icon on hudl but it doesn't do anything when I click on it .what am I doing wrong.i read an article on p c adviser. about the same thing and the chap said he had cracked it ,I wish he would tell me how.

  lotvic 16:26 07 Dec 2013

Have you read this thread 'How to open books with Kindle for Android app on Hudl?' click here "I have registered the Kindle app on the Hudl. However, I had not spotted that the Kindle app created its own storage folder. I've moved the books into that folder and everything works fine"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 07 Dec 2013

After you have downloaded the app you need a reboot before you can see the kindle folder.

Once you can see the kindle folder books need to be place in there

and of course any books bought from amazon will only work if the kindle app is register in the name of the books owner.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:33 08 Dec 2013
  1. connect Hudl to PC with USB cable

  2. Open "Computer" - Hudl should be recognised as another drive in MY computer

  3. Expand Hudl and you should find the Kindle folder

  4. Navigate to where you keep your book files on your PC

  5. Drag and drop (copy) the files you want, to the kindle folder on the Hudl.

  6. Disconnect the Hudl

  7. open the kindle app and your books should be listed there.

  gandolph 10:12 09 Dec 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat I appreciate your help, unfortunately I am not there yet. I followed your instructions plugged in device, went to computer clicked on opened with internal storage. I clicked on that inside there was a folder named kindle so I tried drag and drop books into it but I cant find the same kindle folder there was another named kindle content. When I opened this it asked me to register my kindle with my Amazon account which I did. I then tried the same with that but no go . I have looked everywhere on hudl no books BUT, the books I tried downloading have appeared in my pictures as picture just the covers they wont' open.what's' all that about. I hope your still going to help . because I certainly need it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:18 09 Dec 2013

lets go at it another way

try downloading Calibre to your PC it brilliant for managing your e-book collection it should recognise the kindle app and you can then transfer books to the hudl.

I have a nexus 7(2012) with the kindle app and although the books are in the kindle folder I cannot see them there but when I open the kindle app the book titles are displayed and I can open any book.

Books are 3 files:- cover.jpg metadata.opf

1]: [click here

  gandolph 06:28 11 Dec 2013

Morning FruitBat.Another mystery I already have Calibre on my pc.but haven't used it for I am a bit rusty ,I tried all ways' to download books nothing worked but when I looked on my hudl there was one book that had downloaded and I could open it and read it the problem is I don't' know how I did it.and it is the only one of about half a dozen I tried. Next the mystery if I go on hudl and go to settings then storage then misc,all the books I have downloaded about 30 are all there .the problem is I can't do anything with them. I cant open them /move them nothing make a folder. Its' like there in a warehouse and I don't have the for you my friend. Hope you can help.

LOTVIC this is one for you can you tell me how you registered your kindle on hudl. And how did you find the folder created by Kindle

  lotvic 11:08 11 Dec 2013

I don't have a Hudl but do have a kindle App on Galaxy tab.

Register Kindle for Android Tablet click here

As per Fruit Bat /\0/\ has indicated there are several different ways to put the books into the Kindle App.

Drag and Drop them into the Kindle Content folder.

Use Calibre to send them to the hudl Kindle Content folder.

Use Kindle App on the Hudl find the books (Tools - Options, Content "Change where this application gathers its local Content")

To avoid confusion please say which method you want to use so that advice can be given.

  lotvic 11:10 11 Dec 2013

Another way, Use Use Kindle App on the Hudl to import the books from misc folder into the Content Folder.

  gandolph 09:36 12 Dec 2013

FRUIT BAT OK you guys please don't' give up on me.but I have done all you asked and I got nowhere. . I found the Kindle file in my hudl and tried to drag & drop books into it but got nothing. Even tried with my Kindle and Hudl connected, tried to drag &drop direct from one to the other .nothing.

LOTVIC when I open the Kindle app I cant' find anyway of signing in.i also cant' find anything called Kindle content ,how do I find that, also as I said when I go to storage/misc the books I am trying to download are there but there is no way to do anything with them .if I could find a way of transferring them into another folder. I am sure that would work. it is realy getting me frustrated,but if you keep going I will .I am depending on you please dont' stop.

  lotvic 13:58 12 Dec 2013

You don't need to sign into Amazon again to register. You said on December 9, 2013 at 10:12AM that you had successfully registered your Hudl Kindle App and that the kindle content folder is there. To avoid further confusion best stick to Fruit Bat /\0/\'s instructions posted December 8, 2013 at 7:33PM.

Method 1: With Hudl connected to pc, Drag and Drop the books from your pc to the Hudl's kindle CONTENT folder.

or while on your pc Drag and Drop the books from your Hudl's misc folder to the Hudl's kindle CONTENT folder.

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