How to download Avast?

  DIYgirl 15:14 12 Aug 2008

I've used Avast anti-virus for a year or two now, and it's been very good (at least, the computer hasn't had any viruses).

I now need to download a fresh copy of it onto a new computer. I'm on dial-up, though, and each time I try the size of the file defeats my dial-up connection, which cuts out after two hours.

I've used Fresh Download in the past, to get round this: but the download from Avast's website doesn't work with it.

I don't have access to a broadband connection at present, so can't download on a friend's computer to get round this issue.

Any ideas?

  Miké 15:25 12 Aug 2008

You need a download manager such as click here which will let you resume downloading after a dropped connection.

  Miké 15:26 12 Aug 2008

Just to make it clear, I just tried resuming downloading Avast with this and it worked fine.

  provider 2 15:30 12 Aug 2008

You might try a PC Advisor cover-disc, then update via your dial-up connection.

  woodchip 15:32 12 Aug 2008

Download it to old computer put it on a CDRW or Memory card one in a Camera should do then use it it put it on the other computer.

Sorry if they both on the same computer, if there are try to get someone to download it for you

  Miké 15:33 12 Aug 2008

Try this link click here If you are still having difficulties.

  DIYgirl 15:34 12 Aug 2008

Mike, thank you for trying to help: but as I said in my original message I can't get Fresh Download and Avast to work together.

I'm obviously doing something wrong here if you can get it to work: can you suggest where I'm making the mistake? I would be grateful.

I open FD: navigate to Avast's download webpage; click to start the download; and a dialogue box appears asking if I want to run, save or cancel the download. Fresh Download doesn't automatically step in, and there's no URL for me to manually add to FD's list. What should I do?

Bah. Help, please, for a computer-illiterate.

  Miké 15:39 12 Aug 2008

Going through a referrer should work try my link above :-)

  cream. 15:41 12 Aug 2008

one of us, on broadband, to download and write it to a cdr for you?

  DIYgirl 15:44 12 Aug 2008

Several more posts came up while I was typing that, sorry.

I don't have the old computer available, so can't copy it over; nor do I have access to a computer with a broadband connection; nor do I have any PC Advisor cover disks to hand (does one have an Avast on it?), so can't do anything like that.

I'll go and try Mike's second link now, see how much luck I have with that. Meanwhile, some advice on how to get Fresh Download and Avast to play nicely together would be much appreciated.

  DIYgirl 15:53 12 Aug 2008

Mike is now my hero.

I have no idea what that link was, but when I clicked it, Fresh Download started up on my computer and Avast started downloading through it.

So far I have a whole 1% downloaded. It might take all night but at least it's working.

Thank you for that, Mike. Now, if anyone would like to point me towards how to make it happen for myself, I'd be grateful but no problems if you're too busy, as I'll just have to come back here and ask again!

Thanks to all who made suggestions and offered help, by the way--it is most appreciated.

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