how does spam find your email address?

  simongy 21:22 19 Aug 2003

I signed on to a free email service; before I even had the chance to tell friends etc about my new email address I started to get lots of junk mail: usually from odd sounding addresses regarding xxxx and how big is your $$$$ and how to make it bigger. How is this possible? Does your email address get passed on without your permission!!

  powerless 21:25 19 Aug 2003

It's a lucky guess...

The spammer does not know that the email address is valid.

"Does your email address get passed on without your permission!!" - Me thinks that would be illegal if that happend.

  Terrahawk 21:29 19 Aug 2003

they take a domain name eg hotmail .com then add a name to it eg [email protected] some of these will hit an active account while others wont also another way they do it is to harvest web pages news groups and such like for email adresses just delete them never reply as they will then know your account is active and you will get even more

  krypt1c 21:30 19 Aug 2003

It depends. Unless you very carefully read the terms & conditions you may default to yes to allowing your address to be passed on. If you choose the 'wrong' email address eg [email protected]. Spammers use progs to send emails to common addresses. They also use 'wild cards' eg j*** Don't get paranoid about it. If it's an on-line account just stop using it and set up another one. If it's an ISP account get yourself some filtering software. There's loads of free ones. Just enter spam filters freeware in google.

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