How does a site become 'known' by a search engine?

  bazza2 23:12 23 Aug 2006

A friend of mine has created a web site, but whenever I search for it (using Google) I can't find it - or rather I give up after 20 or so pages.

Do search engines, such as Google, search around the web for sites, indexing keywords etc, or do you need to send a list of keywords to the search engine, so that it knows about the site and the keywords??

I am very confused.

  gibbs1984 09:06 24 Aug 2006

Google and other search engines will eventually pick up your website when it searchs for new sites but that will take ages, the best way is to add your website address here click here

Google and other search engines search for websites by using keywords, these are set in the metadata element I believe.

I have used that link to add my website but I haven't added any keywords yet to my site so it still doesn't find mine ye :o(

  gibbs1984 09:24 24 Aug 2006

Yeah I was just taught that metadata is what Google and such used but like you say they use other ways as well.

With the add/url bit it might not always need it but it's free and takes about 10 seconds to put in your web address and a couple of keywords, so for me anything that is free, doesn't take much and might help your website can't be that bad.

  Forum Editor 23:40 24 Aug 2006

there's absolutely no need to register with Google, because their bots will find your site anyway.

The way that the Google bots rank sites is highly complex and partly secret, but it's partly based on sophisticated calculations about links to your site from outside. There's no need to add meta tags; instead you should concentrate on good navigation and content. Make sure that you don't leave your site unchanged for long periods, or it will slip way down in the rankings.

  gibbs1984 11:34 25 Aug 2006

Rubbish I tell ya, rubbish ;o(

Ok the forum guys win this time.

My site has been up and running for about 2/3 weeks now and Google still hasn't found it, I know it can take a while but does anybody have any rough ideas, plus does anyone have any good tips to help it find our sites, I know you've said good navigation and content but what exactly is good navigation ??? Might sound silly but my webpage is named directly to what the page is about and the link works, is that ok ???


  Forum Editor 12:12 25 Aug 2006

Google may take anything from three weeks to two months to list your site, and of course they won't list it at all if it fails to meet one of their listing criteria.

Good navigation means ensuring that your nav buttons all work correctly, that you have a 'home' button on every page, that you can drill down to each page in your site in no more than three mouse-clicks from the homepage, that all hyperlinks to external sites are working (and not pointing to 'dead' sites) and that any links to server-side resources like PDF or audio/visual downloads work correctly.

  gibbs1984 14:05 25 Aug 2006

I was only joking about the rubbish bit by the way.

Thanks for the tips, I think my website meets that criteria but I'll double check it tonight.


  bazza2 00:27 26 Aug 2006

I will keep checking, using keywords which I know are on the home page, and see what happens.

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