How does Partition Magic treat drive letters?

  alcudia 16:55 06 Nov 2003

Have just bought a copy of this to divide up a 120Gb drive, and would like to know how the new partition's letters will be applied.

At present I have "C" "D"(dvd-rom) and "E"(CD-RW).

The booklet states that drive letters are allocated automatically. Will the two dvd\cd drives be moved down, or will the new partitions be numbered F' G etc, which is what I want.

Grateful for any advice.

Windows will assign Primary partitions first, then extended partions (logical drives), then CD ROM drives etc.

So your CD / DVD will change letters.

When I set up my PC's, I tend to change the CD/DVD drive letters to S/T, to give me room for future expansion & avoid them changing at a later date.

  flecc 17:05 06 Nov 2003

The DVD and CD drives will be moved down, it's a Windows rather than PM requirement.

Don't worry though. Partition Magic includes the Drive Mapper utility. When you partition it asks you if you want it to re-assign your shortcuts throughout the system so you can opt for that.

Even iof you don't, you can start Drive Mapper afterwards from the Start menu and tell Drive Mapper to re-assign the DVD shortcuts from D, and the CD shortcuts from E to their respective letters. Re-asign the CD first.

If you really hate the thought of your letters changing, check out Drive Letter Assigner, a small program from Vadim Bortyansky. This lets you allocate any letter you wish to any drive, but I don't know offhand if it's suitable for Windows XP, you'll need to check if your using XP.

It's free, here's the link:-

click here

You beat me to it, I was just about to post that link!

  Chegs ? 18:32 06 Nov 2003

Letter Assigner

This title is no longer available!

The program you've requested, "Letter Assigner", is not available for download at this time. You might try searching for this title at a later date, or use the search box to look for a similar program now.

  Chegs ? 18:34 06 Nov 2003
  R4 18:50 06 Nov 2003

You can always use the device manger to assign / re-assign your drive letters.

  leo49 19:04 06 Nov 2003

If it comes to that, use PM to assign letters as you've got the program open.

  alcudia 08:36 07 Nov 2003

Thanks for the replies. I also thought this was a rule of Windows but I have been using here at work something called Acronis Partition Expert which actually asks for a drive letter. I used it yesterday on a new machine with a 40gb drive. It now has C with 20gb,
D cd-rom and E 20gb partition.

From what you say I can also do this in PM.

  flecc 10:41 07 Nov 2003

PM, Acronis and others can change hard drive partition letters, and Windows can change ROM drive letters, but in some circumstances (often with zip drives for example) it's not possible to get the order you want, hence the drive substitution method of Drive letter Assigner.

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