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How does Mozilla Firefox behave when installed over MS Vista OS?

  K*B 16:36 07 Oct 2014

Hello friends. I have had to install Firefox on my Vista laptop which already has IE9. This installation solved the online audio problems I was having with IE9. However Firefox started competing with IE for who becomes default browser! Even though I've chosen IE9 as default, Firefox imposed itself as default by automatically opening up some webpages that I tried opening. When I started my laptop today Firefox had turned all my pdf documents on hardrive into Firefox documents by replacing the Adobe logo with the Firefox logo! Why did this happen? Does Firefox interfere with the running of other programs? Please help. Thanks.

  spuds 16:59 07 Oct 2014

Sound like you may have some form of infection on your laptop.

Would suggest that you run any malware programmes you may have, and see if that/they finds anything. Perhaps run ADWCleaner or a similar program. At present I am using a beta version of Malwarebytes Anti-Root Kit with good success rating.

I run Firefox, Chrome and IE on a vista laptop without problems. I select the default browser to use, and not the laptop by un-ticking the relevant boxes requesting default.

  Pine Man 18:57 07 Oct 2014

I have also noted that all of my pdf files were set to open in a firefox browser.

Having recently reinstalled W7 and Firefox as my default browser I assumed that the settings had taken place prior to installing Adobe Reader.

I have now reset the file associations and all of my pdf files now open in an adobe Reader window as they should.

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