How Does It Work?

  CutNpaste 01:46 31 Dec 2004

Hi good people,

I am just curious to know how the broadband signals work, because my broadband connection is being activated in a few days.

Basically what i really want to know is that i had a look at the inside of a telephone socket (the main one) and found that there is only 2 wires connected to it and then opened the extension socket and found 4 wires in. What i want to know is, does the two wires in the main socket carry both the telephone signal and the broad band signal? if so then why are there 4 extra wires on the extension cable?


  TomJerry 02:02 31 Dec 2004

BB signal is in high frequency band and phone signal is in low frequency band and they come stuck together (just like all signals from different TV stations are stuck together).

You then need a so called micro-filter (or spliter) which separate high frequency signal from low freuency signal, computer get high frequency signal and phone get low frequency signal, they do not interfece with each other. (If the micro-filter is no good, then phone will have noise which come from BB).

Regarding 4 pins in extention, two of them are not live/

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