How does a Hit Counter Work?

  [DELETED] 12:22 27 Sep 2003

I have two different URLs with exactly the same content on both. If I log in to one of them click here the hit counter reads 7127, if I then log in to the other click here the hit counter also reads 7127. Surely both sites can't be attracting the same amount of visitors?

  [DELETED] 15:17 27 Sep 2003

I would assume that you are using the same counter / system on both pages, therefor the results are the same.

You would have to define a seperate counter for each website. In it's current format the total count is that of both website & not each one individually.

I might be wrong?!?!?


  [DELETED] 15:53 27 Sep 2003

Thanks Tony, sounds logical to me but still can't come to terms with it. So, if I use the same counter on two completely different web sites would it read the same number regardless of how many people logged on to each site?

  Forum Editor 16:18 27 Sep 2003

that the number of 'hits' recorded by a hit counter is in any way related to the number of individuals who have visited the site.

Some hit counters record the number of pages that have been requested, whilst others record a 'hit' for each image on a page. If a page contained 10 images the counter would record 10 hits.

In the main I'm against the use of counters at all. Pretty well everyone knows that the starting figure can be set by the site operator, so few people take much notice of the counters when they see them. You can usually get far better information from your web host - just aske them to turn on stats for your site. Often they're turned on without site owners even knowing - try typing yourdomainname/stats and see if it works.

  [DELETED] 16:48 27 Sep 2003

Yes, FE on the previous threads about hit counters, and there are many, I agree with you. Having told the site owner that "hit counters" mean nothing he insists on having one, so I have given him a hit counter. Like you said the webmaster can start it anywhere and I started it at 5000. If I like I can reset it to 10 or even 20,000. He still isn't a millionaire. The problem was "Why does it seem to update 2 different websites to give the same number of hits on both" tbh72 seems to have hit the nail on the head, because when I upload it to both sites I am using the same files from Dreamweaver MX.

  [DELETED] 13:21 28 Sep 2003

Thanks everyone. The "eagle" site has now been taken down, so the problem isn't there anymore.

  [DELETED] 19:01 11 Oct 2003

Basically, a hit counter is a text file or database somewhere with a number in, then the code that you put on your site to display the hit counter basically just adds one to this number.

So nomatter where the code is, it will still add one to the same number and then display the result.

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