How does he repair this?

  TommyRed 21:24 06 Dec 2004

Spoke to my Brother earlier, he has a problem with his 98SE PC. He gets to the desktop but everything freezes from there. He has his original 98 disk and can get to 'Safe Mode', he doesn't want to lose any important files and he has a CD writer if he needs to back up. What course should I advise him? TIA TR

  VoG II 21:28 06 Dec 2004

Restart and choose MS-DOS mode

Type in

scanreg/ restore

and press the Enter key. Note the space. Choose the nearest working date.

  spanneress 21:29 06 Dec 2004

First thing I would do is to check what loads at start up..Start - Run - then type in msconfig..go to startup and have a look - 98 is renowned for getting ridiculously slow due to too much running in the background. He can safely untick most of the apps - such as MS Office, printer apps etc.

Have you checked for viru's and spyware? Is he running AV and a firewall.

Of course it is essential for him to back up onto CD all the work he does not wish to lose.If it carries onplaying up after he has saved all his files and he has the drivers for HW such as printer, might be better to format the HDD and start again (depending on how bad its current state is).

Post back if you get further problems.

  spanneress 21:29 06 Dec 2004

Or do what VoG said.


  VoG II 21:32 06 Dec 2004

And what spanneress said. She's not wrong very often if ever :o)

  TommyRed 21:42 06 Dec 2004

He hasn't got to any working dates from scanreg/ restore he has included the space, he gets a menu of BACKUP,RESTORE,FIX, COMMENT which appear to be waiting for a DOS command. TR

  VoG II 21:45 06 Dec 2004


  jack 21:47 06 Dec 2004

Here's more
Do a google for ENDITALL this is a free prog that stops all background programs as selected by the user.

Some years ago our fav mag did an artical whereby
it explained how to remove the 95/8 operating system
completely whilst leaving all user files [docs/pix /lists etc]in place
Then the O/S disk in put in and re installed.
It needs a start up disk[ Control/start disk and a floppy] plus a bit of careful DOS typing.

If you would like it send me your E-mail address

  TommyRed 21:48 06 Dec 2004

He's just rang me to say that the space was in the wrong place and he's now at the dates mentioned. As he's likely to lose a lot of info if he doesn't back it up onto CD-R, he'd like to try 'spaneress' solution, so how does he get out of the DOS screen he's on. TR

  the-george 21:50 06 Dec 2004

Had same problem with a friends pc a couple of weeks back. Scanreg/ restore did not work. Went into Msconfig (in safe mode)and disabled all startup items and it loaded ok. Then got to the point where the CD-writer would work and backed up everything he needed. After that began the diagnostice bit by slowly re-enabling startup items. We obviously got to the problem item because the pc refused to boot properly at all even in safe mode.
However, having backed up all his data a reinstall of 98SE worked fine.

  TommyRed 22:20 06 Dec 2004

He's off to bed now as he's on earlies tomorrow but will try disabling startup items tomorrow so I'll probably continue this thread. Thanks all TR

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