How does he get out of this?

  TommyRed 21:02 22 May 2003

My neighbour (honest) keeps getting loads of e-mails from porn companies, his own fault which cost him a £300 phone bill. It takes anything up to 45 mins before he can open his legitimate e-mails, what is the best solution, change his e-mail address or use hotmail or similar. The porn companies change their e-mail addresses every time they send so they can't be blocked. Any ideas?

  keith-236785 21:08 22 May 2003

tell him to get in touch with his isp and ask them to change his e-mal address, alternatively get a hotmail account although you get a lot of spam mail on hotmail but not £300 worth, i get about 15 e-mails a day on hotmail, two are from people i know. or he could just get a free isp setup eg freeuk click here

hope this helps

  _Treb_ 21:09 22 May 2003

He could set OE to send porn to delete folder by using the mail rules. Tell him not to open the unwanted mail as that proves he has an active e-mail account also uncheck the preview pane in the View header.

  Wak 21:50 22 May 2003

He could always try MAILWASHER to sort the Spam out. It let's your friends through and classes the rest as possible spam.

  Granger 22:05 22 May 2003

Get one of those Anytime deals. Or broadband. Something unmetered.

  TommyRed 22:07 22 May 2003

Will this stop stuff from clogging up his PC for 45 mins though? What I mean is will it stop it at the server.

  Steinman 22:36 22 May 2003

Are all the porno emails of the same domain?
Can do message rule in OExp to stop domain & not download from server.
click here for mailwasher. It can be set up to blacklist and bounce all the rubbish emails without downloading them from server.

  beeuuem 22:55 22 May 2003

The full free version of mailwasher is on PCA cd 'Top 60 free PC utilities' under Email cleaners.
This was, I think, May 2003 issue 93

  Wak 18:55 23 May 2003

I would have answered you but Steinman seems to have done it for me.
I use Mailwasher and have made a list of Friends. Everything else is classed as possible spam and can be deleted or bounced with just one click.
Quick and easy.

  Steinman 10:15 25 May 2003

Didnt mean to steal ya reply ! LOL!
Good that Mailwasher tho isn't it?

  Wak 10:19 25 May 2003

No problem, Sir.
Re Mailwasher??

Wouldn't be without it!

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