How does this Forum Search system work ?

  Blott 06:42 03 Feb 2004

Just been doing some searches, as always advised prior to starting new thread, and I can't see how it works.

I started off with two key words - "external" and "modem".

First off - no problem - 7 threads.

Came back to it 10 minutes later - same key words, same settings - 38 threads.

And again - 26 threads.

And the 38 threads to not include all of the original settings !!!

So, whilst waiting for the kettle to boils, I selected a couple of threads from about page 5 of the forum and then entered key words from their titles in the search.

First off it found one, but not the other.

Second try - no result at all.

Am I missing something fairly basic ??

  Chegs ® 08:02 03 Feb 2004

The PCA search has always required a nack and a deal of luck to get it to work correctly,but I'm glad to see that someone at least is giving it a try instead of the repeat threads on the same subjects... ;-)

  Stuartli 09:05 03 Feb 2004

It's very hit and miss - as you say sometimes you get very few threads and then, perhaps after selecting OR rather than AND, you can get up to 100!

  Stuartli 09:06 03 Feb 2004

You also need to choose the right options, such as Thread and Titles and All Discussion to get the highest returns.

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