How does "Blue Yonder" work

  Cesar 11:29 02 Mar 2004

I have just received a letter from "Telewest" extolling the vitues of the above cable system and Broadband. I know that the cabling has to be connected to your TV but what about your computer.any information will be gratefully received.

  Brian-336451 11:36 02 Mar 2004

Look here click here

I've got broadband (cable modem) with them at home in UK and must say that (disregarding any hype) it's fast and reliable and I'd never voluntarily go back to dial up.

I'm stuck here in Bangladesh using a 28.8k dial up (and that's on a good day).

Blueyonder is reasonably comptetitively priced too, its strength is that if you are in their area you can get connected with a minimum of fuss and cost.

  Cesar 11:45 02 Mar 2004

Thank you for your quick response, what I really wanted to know was how it connects to the computer


  stourry 12:03 02 Mar 2004

I have blueyonder broadband
you need an ethernet card they used to supply but I think they have stopped doing that they supply the modem external
If telewest in your area they will run a cable in and connect this directly to the modem this is the same kind of sytem as the viewing service
you dont have to take the viewing service but they do hace some great deals.
system fast and well worth looking at.
regards ray hope that helps

  Cesar 12:10 02 Mar 2004

Thank you for your very helpful advice.

  expertec 13:04 02 Mar 2004

Telewest will run a cable to an external modem they will supply for you, the modem is connected to your PC through USB or ethernet.

The service is excellent, I would heartily reccommend it to you :-)

  Jester2K 13:08 02 Mar 2004

especially the 1 Mb service.... ahhhhhhh!!!!

  BEVERLEY-256334 13:24 02 Mar 2004

Telewest will run 1 cable from the green box in the street to your Tv, they will put a box on the wall behind your tv, from this they can make a connection to your phone,and there will be a box on the wall outside, if you want broadband internet they will split into the cable in the box on the wall outside and conect a cable from there to your PC they will then install a NIC card in your computer and supply you with a modem, the internet will be all set up and working before they leave. Telewest customer suport is fantastic.
There is a free installation offer on until 31st March. click here

  Cesar 10:46 04 Mar 2004

Thank you for your excellent advice.

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