How do you uninstall Outlook Express?

  AnthonyB 02:04 11 Feb 2004


I just DON'T use this programme at all, and lots of viruses come in this way too. I want to fully uninstall this Outlook Express from my PC altogether! (It is Version 6 I believe) I am running Windows XP home on PC.


  temp003 02:13 11 Feb 2004

OE6 is part of IE6 which in turn is so integrated into Windows, especially XP, that there's no easy way to remove it, but here's a link click here to remove it manually. I also don't know how well it's going to work. Seems a lot of work.

Can't you just delete all your email/news accounts on OE, and just don't use OE?

  kangawallafox 02:15 11 Feb 2004

search the net for a program called "XP Lite". it will allow you to uninstall anything and everything you don't want that microsoft insists HAS to be installed.

  AnthonyB 02:24 11 Feb 2004

Thanks both,

I will be careful about this, and not get too rash:)

Hmmmm, never thought about deleting my account...

Thank you


  Megatyte 02:28 11 Feb 2004

If you don't use it there's no way that you can get a virus from it.

You can get a virus from any e-mail client as they normally come in through attachments.


  AnthonyB 02:29 11 Feb 2004

Sorry, forgot to add: if I delete my hotmail account, will it be gone for good? - the other one is ok - just sitting there basically. I want to delete my hotmail account (have done actually - but not sure if its still lurking about:)


  Valvegrid 06:25 11 Feb 2004

If you delete your Hotmail account off the OE accounts it will still be sitting there on the server. If you don't use the account for 30 days MSN will automatically deactivate it. You can reactivate it at a later date if you want it back. I did this to an account that I deactivated originally because of all the spam, I've now reacivated it without a problem.

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