How do you transfer data please

  [DELETED] 11:57 07 Sep 2003

Hello. I have been having probs with Sharons computer (earlier post. We now need to send the Fujitsu HD back to Dixons. One question for you though the hard drive has the software and XP etc on a partition I believe. You access this through a red disc, Im sure you know that. The replacement HD will be blank so how do I transfer this partition bit to a new hard drive before we send it off? Thanks

  [DELETED] 12:21 07 Sep 2003

You can't. You company that supplied the HDD will have to exchange the damaged drive for another with the CAB files already installed.


  [DELETED] 14:08 07 Sep 2003

thanks spikeychris
Dixons reckon they cant give us a replacement drive with the same software on as they no longer supply those components on a package and so have no supply. Its up to us apparently to make a back-up copy of any software on the disc before its returned. Thanks for email anyway. Jane

  [DELETED] 16:09 07 Sep 2003

Jane, will Dixons supply a disk ready for the reload disk?

  [DELETED] 17:14 07 Sep 2003

dont know what that means. They have been less than helpful so far. If you see my last post the computer is 14 months old and the hard drive keeps disappearing. Its a Fujitsu. From the help I received from this forum I went back and eventaually they agreed to exchange the HD. But they no longer have one with the preloaded software so it will have to be a blank one. Thats as good as I will get I think and as its not my puter I dont want to spend any more time on it. I just wanted to know how to copy all the software, inc XP home, off the old disc first. There has to be a way, I mean they put it on there didn't they. I have the original Red disc and the XP version on there has the number stuck to the computer casing. So it would be better to just copy the contents of the drive to another disc. Someone suggested Ghost but I dont have it and wouldn't know how to use it anyway. If I connect this drive to my computer I can read the drive and its contents OK except for the Red portion(I dont know what u calll it) There has to be a way of making it visible so I can copy it to a new drive. It has all the drivers on for the scanner, sound etc and no back-up discs were supplied. This must have happened loads of times before and there must be a way of doping it. Thanks for input. Jane

  Diemmess 18:28 07 Sep 2003

If you are out of warranty, and Dixons naturally want money for indifferent service, and you are going to have to buy a new HD anyway, and you dont know what "Ghost" is,and you don't know someone near who can manage this for you.......

Then why not try a small local shop where they (also for a fee) will sell you a new HD and "restore an image file of the old drive" onto the new one?

  [DELETED] 18:38 07 Sep 2003

thanks for input. Yes I could take it to the local shop but Dixons will supply a new Hard Drive in exchange for old one. I just needed to take the data off first. Yes I could go buy another drive and have a shop copy the data over for a fee, if they could do it that is, but Sharon does not need two HD. I just thought that to save money someone could tell me how to get that hidden bit off onto my HD then put the new HD in mine as a slave and copy the hidden bit back onto the new HD. Then when its put back into Sharons computer it would work. In theory anyway. I already copied all her data to my HD then burnt it to a CDrom so I can put it back on hers, I simply wanted to know how to copt the 'red bit' off the drive as well. Dixons did not offer to do it or even say it was possible.

  [DELETED] 18:46 07 Sep 2003

Jane, didn't realise you were out of warranty. As Diemmess says you would have to buy a new drive anyway. Ghost will copy the hidden partition.

  [DELETED] 18:53 07 Sep 2003

20x20 hindsight is a wonderful thing.

If Dixons insist on having Sharon's old Fujitsu back before issuing her with a new one then unless she has a boxfull of CDROMs and some software to burn them she is more or less F sorry snookered.
Except. If she keeps annoying them they will probably cave in sooner or later. The sooner people realise that Dixons, Currys and others of that ilk are less than satisfactory to deal with the more likely we are to enjoy their demise.


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