How do you totally remove software in xp pro

  borgz 18:45 16 Feb 2004

I recently installed a copy of dvdxcopy gold on a pc with win xp pro, the app needs to activated on-line or phone.I also put it on a friends pc,there were problems with the way the software ran so I bought a new copy.when I removed the previous version and installed the new prog it didnt ask for the serial or password even though i had deleted the previous do you completly remove the app and the pass and serial etc from win xp?? I tried deleting the reg key and also the restore points etc but the serial and pass remained from the previous app??

  JIM 19:13 16 Feb 2004

DVD X Copy may be designed to duplicate copy-protected DVDs, but it incorporates a sophisticated content-protection scheme of its own.

The program won't run until you activate it (online or via phone), in a method similar to Microsoft's protection scheme for Windows XP and Office.You can run it on only one machine. The company is lenient about allowing reactivations should you ever buy a new computer, reinstall your operating system, or format your hard drive.

  borgz 19:52 16 Feb 2004

Thanks Jim Yea I know i have phoned them to reactivate the pass which they as you have said do so with no fuss. However when I tried to run dvdx on a pals comp both apps stopped working,A call to the tech dept lasting 40 minutes and they finally as much as said they knew what I had done so after buying a new copy and installing it it didnt call for the serial or pass i had to register it then it transfered this to that app.The question was how do you remove this info of the o.s in the first place??.By the way 321 studio's must know what you copy cause every time you execute the app it logs on to their site and "checks the pass and serial" MMM I wonder this is a little diconserting that they have this type of spyware included in the software that you dont know about.However all said its a cool app anyway,it works great. p.s could you answer the original question???? thanks. Borgz.

  JIM 20:13 16 Feb 2004

Sorry can understand your reply alright but to be honest the only way that i know of to completely sort you out is to reinstall your operating system, or format your hard drive.A bit bloody drastic i know.

Not saying that because of your problem,or your reply but because any software that i know off always hides some item via the registry.To find the key or shell may not be poss and if poss time consuming.

No way a system restore would help that i know off.And your right more than a little diconserting and more software now apears to be following the same trend.Which means more problems i believe for the users.

Wish you luck.

  borgz 20:27 16 Feb 2004

thanks anyway jim i also posted this to the helpline so maybe they can help. Again thanks BoRgZ.

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