How do you "Search" for PDF/Midi etc files in WXP?

  AnthonyB 18:21 29 Jun 2004


I know this sounds an easy question, but when I had windows 98, and searching for Midi files a lot as well as PDF opes, I just typed in .mid, or PDF, and that's what came up. Windows 98 had lots of template midi files, but on WinXP, the search works a bit different, and why does Windows media always seem to get involved with Midi files?, never used to be like this in Win98!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 29 Jun 2004

Click on search for files and folders then all files abd folder type *.mid or *.pdf in the box click search.

  AnthonyB 18:57 29 Jun 2004

Cheers Fruitbat, never thought of the wildy:).


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