how do you save a game?

  [DELETED] 22:21 20 Aug 2003

please excuse my ignorance,but me and son no1 have just started playing games on pc,win xp,indycar series,after playing i thought i had saved game but i couldnt get the save to load up game, or when playing game couldnt acces saved games,i guess i need an idiots guide,thanks.

  [DELETED] 22:28 20 Aug 2003

sometimes there is an option to autosave games as you reach certain stages. And then there are games which just save your score and nothing else. Sometimes you have to create a 'save game' file. Sorry for the boring advice: let us know how you get on.....

  [DELETED] 22:30 20 Aug 2003

It'll be in the manual!

  [DELETED] 23:14 20 Aug 2003

i think i did make a save game file but couldnt do anything with it,i have got no paperwork with games i havnt actually bought any yet but i want latest f1 game,my indycar game was a freebie and also i have rollercoaster tycoon which i belive was a common pc freebie.thanks

  ordep 10:05 21 Aug 2003

Try the forum. click here

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