How do you remove Opera???

  golfpro 09:10 23 May 2005

How can you remove Opera? (it doesn't appear in ADD and Remove Programs). There is no removal tool in the program. I ask this because I don't use it any more and I receive so many spy ware links on this web browser.

  Eric10 09:21 23 May 2005

A couple of links that may help. click here and click here

  golfpro 09:57 23 May 2005

I have found where the files are (in my C:Program Files) there are lots of them for Opera, but is it safe just to right click on the various files and Delete them. In Explore it warns me not to modify these files. The main problem I have is with Opera 7 which has just one file.

  octal 10:34 23 May 2005

"I receive so many spyware links on this web browser."

Just in case there is any confusion between adware and spyware:

click here

  mullberry 11:59 23 May 2005

What a load of rubbish. I have been using Opera for almost 2 years and have not had one item of spyware installed due to Opera.
Could it be the fact that you are downloading and installing crap using Opera? That would not be the browsers fault.
Go to Secunia and you will soon find out there are [b]no[/b] security vulnerabilities in Opera at present.
Opera does appear in add/remove too. I have 2 versions of Opera and both appear there.

  golfpro 14:00 23 May 2005

Octal: Spybot consistently picks up spyware in Opera 7 on my computer, I must reiterate "I have not used Opera for about 18 months now but still the Spyware comes up as it is still installed on my computer. NO it does not appear in Add and Remove programs, not on my computer anyway,

Mullberry: I shall treat your reply with the contempt it deserves.......

  stylehurst 14:15 23 May 2005

I have used Opera for many years & it never picked up spyware; it DOES appear in the Add/Remove programs.
Can I suggeest that you instal some anti spyware/adware programs to elinminate the problem, not heap blame where it is not deserved.
If you are not using the program (your own words, it can't be downloadingg the spyware.

  octal 14:16 23 May 2005

Try reinsalling Opera then it should re-appear in Add/Remove list, then use your spyware removal programs to remove any left overs.

  octal 14:19 23 May 2005

Words after 'list' should read 'then un-install it'

  Pesala 14:31 23 May 2005

Golfpro, Opera is not to blame for Spyware being installed on your PC. It is as secure as any browser, and more secure than most. If you haven't used Opera for 18 months, then your other browser must be picking up the Spyware, mustn't it? How could Opera be to blame if you haven't even run the program?

How about offering some evidence from Spybot’s report that says what the Spyware is, and what is its origin? Whatever the cause of the problem is, you're not going to solve it unless you identify the actual cause.

If Opera does not appear in Add/Remove Programs, then perhaps you have already removed it. Perhaps you installed it in more than one place. Very often, when one removes a program, some user files remain and have to be deleted manually.

Opera and Opera 8 both appear in my Add/Remove programs list. Once for Opera 7.5 and once for Opera 8.0, which is installed on a Steganos Secure drive.

  golfpro 15:40 23 May 2005

OK sorry if I have offended anybody, I only asked a simple question in my post but it seems to have got out of hand. Right, I can't remember exactly but maybe I did remove Opera from my computer a long time ago and believe me it does NOT appear on Add and Remove etc. however it is still listed in "All Programs" on the start menue, and there are still Opera files still remaining and running in my C: files which need to be removed.

Having installed and run Spybot S and D a while ago it still picks up spyware in the scans originating from Opera version 8 which is still lurking in my C: files. All I want to do is remove this version of Opera (and anything else that is there), Thats all.

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