How do you remove the list when you start win 2000

  h_miah 00:53 22 Jul 2003

I recently updated from Win 98 to Windows 2000. However, everytime I start the computer, it asks me whether to load windows 98 or windows 2000. How do I remove this list and make it load to windows 2000 automatically?


  temp003 03:53 22 Jul 2003

The easiest, and lazy way is, right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery. In the top section for operating system, make sure that the default OS is "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect. It should be already.

Then underneath that, for "display list of operating systems for how many seconds", change the number to zero. Click OK. Next time you start the computer, it will boot straight into w2k.

This way, the 98 boot option is still there, but it's just not shown on boot up.

If you want to be neat and remove 98 from the boot menu altogether, you need to edit the C:\boot.ini file.

In My Computer or Explorer, double click your C drive. If you don't see the file boot.ini there, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab.

Then (1) tick Show hidden files and folders (2) untick hide file extensions for all known file types, and (3) Untick Hide protected operating system files. click OK.

You should now see boot.ini.

Double click boot.ini. It should open with Notepad.

Make sure the line that starts with "default=" refers to "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect

If so, go to the section [operating systems]

Delete the line that reads C:\="Microsoft Windows 98".

That's the only change you need to make to boot.ini

Save the file and exit. Next time you start, you won't see 98 as an option.

  temp003 05:46 22 Jul 2003

Also, it's occurred to me that when you installed w2k over 98, you may have chosen a clean install, or installed a fresh copy, of w2k, without formatting the C drive.

If that's what you've done, you may find that on your C drive, you have a "WINDOWS" folder, and a "WINNT" folder.

W2k's windows folder is C:\WINNT (unless you've changed it). Windows 98's windows folder is C:\WINDOWS.

If you have both the WINDOWS folder and the WINNT folder, AND you are happy with the way w2k is operating on your computer, you can delete the WINDOWS folder to reclaim some hard disk space.

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