How do you rate Abode Air?.

  spuds 09:12 14 Mar 2013

After installing the latest updates for Avast freeware, I keep getting 'updater' prompts to download Abode Air. Checking this product out seems to suggest its a 'must have', because websites like eBay are moving to this product.

Are you using Abode Air, if so, what are your findings?.

As usual, all help or advice appreciated.

  Woolwell 10:12 14 Mar 2013

The Met Office desktop widget requires Adobe Air (quite appropriate really). I haven't had any problems with it.

  spuds 11:03 14 Mar 2013

Thanks Woolwell, I'll leave this open for a bit, and see if anyone else as any further comments.

I have downloaded and installed Abode Air, just wanted to see what the 'market' opinions were.

  chub_tor 11:30 14 Mar 2013

I was prompted to install it some time ago and so far as I am concerned it is just another programme that runs in the background.

  spuds 15:51 14 Mar 2013

chub_tor, I have just check on the various start-up programs on the computer, and Abode Air is not showing, Abode Acrobat is though. Would there be any explanation for this?.

  spuds 10:37 15 Mar 2013

Since installing this program, I keep getting reminders from Avast to update or possibly install Abode Air, which is proving to be a problem.

As I said earlier, I have installed the program, but it doesn't appear in the start-up or anywhere else. Perhaps a 'new' install will resolve the problems?.

Will tick this post as resolved.

  Woolwell 10:40 15 Mar 2013

Like Flash it doesn't appear in start up programs but should be in Control Panel under Uninstall a Program.

  rdave13 10:50 15 Mar 2013

I think it's automatically installed with Adobe Acrobat anyway.Troubleshoot

  rdave13 10:52 15 Mar 2013

PS, I only use Flash from Adobe so don't have Air installed and no need for it yet.

  spuds 10:55 15 Mar 2013

rdave13- Thanks for the link, will look at it later due to a pending hospital appointment at lunchtime. So I must leave home now.

I have opened a new thread on the subject.

  Batch 12:04 15 Mar 2013

To my knowledge I've never comes across anything that requires AIR. I assume that if I do, I will get prompted to download it at the time.

This seems to give a good overview of what it is about:

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