how do you print white when using coloured paper?

  athenrye 16:28 15 Mar 2008

im doing a sign for a driving school

the L Plates have a red L on white background so when its printed on yellow or light blue paper the white dosnt print as i assume it thinks its white paper

is thier anyway round this other than using white paper?
or cnat printers print white?

  Technotiger 16:36 15 Mar 2008

If you save an image from among this lot, it might then print as shown ... click here just a thought.

TT - ADI Retd.

  athenrye 16:49 15 Mar 2008

no its just not the l plates its the other road sings as well

the thing i think it is that its to do with a default setting, it wont print white as it asumes you have white paper

at first i thought it was a clear backgrounf on the images, but i went in and coloured it white

but it still shpws the coloured paper through

how do you print white if your clours are black, red blue and yellow, is it possible?

  rossgolf 16:54 15 Mar 2008

try using a text box then formating it as awhite background

  Pamy 17:02 15 Mar 2008

As you do not have white ink then I think what you want to do is impossible

  Pamy 17:04 15 Mar 2008

PS. why not use white paper?

  woodchip 18:11 15 Mar 2008

You don't, it cannot be done. you use white paper and white is not printed, only colour

  lotvic 18:22 15 Mar 2008

You use white paper and if you want the rest of the sheet to have a background of yellow or light blue then you colour it in and print the yellow or light blue.

  Totally-braindead 18:51 15 Mar 2008

As far as I know you don't get white ink for inkjets so its impossible.

Theres no way in the world you could ever get white by mixing black, blue, yellow and red.

  athenrye 18:55 15 Mar 2008

thanks guys
kind of thought it was impossible
just needed to here you say it

  Pineman100 18:57 15 Mar 2008

You can't print white.

You'll have to use white paper, then print your chosen colour on to it everywhere except where you want the white to be.

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