How do you overclock

  glen2409 20:46 20 Aug 2004

I have an ASROCK K7S8X mobo with safeguards for overclocking. How do I overclock?

Do I need to set the fsb to manual and change the amout. It is currently 133 and is multiplied by 15. i have an xp2400+ cpu.

Do I need enable the over vcore as well?

Any help would be appreciated


  woodchip 20:50 20 Aug 2004

With a new Motherboard and a Bigger CPU if possible. If you value your computer and it's the only one you have then forget the IDEA. It's not worth the effort

  LastChip 20:52 20 Aug 2004

There are many sites dedicated to over-clocking, but for what it's worth, unless you are into serious gaming at a high level, the performance increase will not be worth the hassle.

In addition, you seriously risk damaging components, in particular the CPU.

  glen2409 20:53 20 Aug 2004


Thanks for that.

Would you advise a BIOS update anyway. Mine is version 1.90

  Gongoozler 20:55 20 Aug 2004

Overclocking is for enthusiasts who get pleasure from making the processor do more than it was intended to. Considering that, as a rule of thumb, you need to increase the processor speed by 50% to notice any real improvement, I don't think overclocking is worth the risk of making the computer unstable and damaging the processor. If, however, you want to play with your system, then You could start with the forum and advice at click here

  LastChip 23:11 20 Aug 2004


Unless you have a very good reason AND you understand fully what you're doing, leave well alone.

This Helproom is littered with people who got it wrong and it cost them new motherboards.

It's a procedure that isn't difficult, but you need to check and double check everything you do. And just to make sure, check again!

  woodchip 23:13 20 Aug 2004

He likes playing with snakes

  Strawballs 23:17 20 Aug 2004

And pray very loudly for NO power cuts or interuptions while you are doing it!

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