How do you install on Linux?

  karl_a 22:25 18 Jun 2005

Hello everyone,

Could someone please tell me how on earth you install applications from the internet onto Linux?! I have got MandrakeLinux (now MandrivaLinux) 10.1 installed. I really want to install Mozilla FireFox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Macromedia Flash Player and Macromedia Shockwave Player...and more programs in the future I'm sure. I have tried looking the hdd1/hdd2/hdd3 etc. but the access is denied. Do I have to use the "su" command? If so how should I go about doing this?

Many Thanks,

  octal 22:53 18 Jun 2005

Firefox is one of the easy ones to install.

You can either install it as root if you've got more than one person who uses the computer and may want to use FF, just make a new folder in /usr/share called mozilla-firefox and unzip it to that folder. If you want to install it as a user, just make a folder in your file tree called mozilla-firefox again uzip the firefox-1.0.4.installer.tar.gz to it.

In both cases all you've got to do is double click on firefox-installer executable file and it will self install. All of this you should be able to do in the file manager, either root or as a user depending where you want to install it.

Most other programs you download should have a readme file that gives instructions on how to install the program. The lazy way to do that is to uzip the file to a folder and open the readme file in a text editor that cut and paste the commands into either a user console or root console.

There is a Linux version of Macromidia flash player but not Shockwave. I'm not sure about MandrivaLinux because I use Xandros, but I should think yours is similar.

  karl_a 23:11 18 Jun 2005

Thanks, I will certanly try that. Could I please also ask is there any proper way to shut down MadnrakeLinux 10.1???

Thanks again,

  karl_a 00:02 19 Jun 2005

I have tried what you suggested...firefox and thunderbird installation programs won't open, i have installed the Mozilla pack as well but that has not changed the 1.7.2 version that comes with MandrakeLinux 10.1. Any other suggestions? I also want to run an 'install.exe' file located in /home/karl/desktop/ but I run it the open with box comes up. How would I go about running in executables? I am used to Windows so I am not very good at Linux, yet.

Thanks anyway,

  octal 07:28 19 Jun 2005

Linux isn't MS Windows, as you are finding out. If you want to load programs its different, if you want to run exe files, you can, but its different. The reason why the box comes up when you try and open an exe file is that Linux doesn't know what to do with an exe file, so it's asking you what it should do, so for the time being forget that and start with the easy things first till you get a little more used to it.

You are going to have to help me a bit here, as I say I use Xandros, so I'm not sure what facilities you've got in Mandrake. For a start, do you have a file manager? This is a picture of mine click here I've added a few notes to it which may help you, it looks and works the same as Windows Explorer.

I won't go much further at the moment till you come back, in the meantime some one else who uses Mandrake might jump in.

  karl_a 09:53 19 Jun 2005

Hi again. For browsing folders and drives, MandrakeLinux 10.1 uses 'Konqueror' which doubles up as a web browser. I extracted the contents of the compressed file for Mozilla 1.7.8 and ran the installer logged in as 'root' in KDE mode. I installed it into the /usr/lib/mozilla-1.7.2/ directory. 'Starting Mozilla' appears on the Linux equivalent of the taskbar and then dissapears.

As for Firefox, the setup program comes up, I click on the forward button, and it closes. Thunderbird setup would never even open!

I must be doing something completely wrong here! Please help.


  octal 14:10 19 Jun 2005

Yes I know Konqueror, it is part of KDE which is part of the core system which Mandrake is built on, mine built on KDE as well.

Your doing everything OK. Try going to the mozilla-firefox folder and find the firefox executable file and double click on it, if all is well and FF should open.

A shortcut icon needs to be placed on your desktop. You should have an application to help you do that, mines called Menu Editor, this should let you name a new item, call it Firefox, then you should be able to allocate an icon, you may have to browse for the icon if it doesn't appear in the icon list, Firefox icons are located in the firefox file tree in a folder called icons, there are a couple in there, select the one called mozicon16.xpm, its the smallest of the two. Once the icon has been allocated the path were the firefox executable file has got to be entered, once again browse to were the firefox executable is, the same file you double clicked on and that should be it.

The FF icon should be in your program list, all you have to do is drag and drop a copy of the icon onto the desktop if you want to.

These instructions should apply to Thunderbird as well.

I would be inclined to keep the mozilla-1.7.2 that came with Mandrake 10.1, there's no good reason to upgrade it because that is quite a big suite of programs and I would leave well alone, Mandrake could well include it with an update later on, as my Xandros does.

  karl_a 15:38 19 Jun 2005

I cannot open the firefox and thunderbird steup programs let alone run the programs themselves. i would also like to know how to install software from a .rpm file and how to properly shut down this system...

In the next week I am going to go and get a great big thick book from the library on Linux. Thanks for your help anyway,

  octal 16:30 19 Jun 2005

Make sure its a Mandrake book, it looks like there are some differences between the systems, as I say I've never used Mandrake but I can't remember ever having the problems you've had. I think I must be spoilt a bit with Xandros because a lot of programs can be installed just by double clicking on the installer file, maybe Konqueror doesn't support that like Xandros file manager does, I don't know because I've never had to try.

Xandros uses Debian packages or .deb and again all I do is double click on the file and it installs, just like an exe file on windows.

Still, stick at it, I'm sure you'll get to grips with it, I've only been using mine for a year and I'm still learnig!

Good luck


  powerless 14:07 20 Jun 2005

FF at one time did not come with an installer, as it could be run from its directory. You didn't need to install it. But then Mozilla packed an installer with it, but it still could be run from its directory.

I, at one time had a directory called 'Applications' [/home/chris/applications] and all applications were run from this directory.

What you are about to see, is FF and TB run from their own desktop directories. Shortcuts will be made, with there own icon.

FF: click here [Installed]

TB: click here [Installation not required]

  bretsky 15:03 20 Jun 2005


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