how do you get rid of vista

  geewis357 17:09 10 Dec 2008

Hi guys
I have recently bought a new laptop with vista installed, I have given it a fair go but it is time to give it the bullet as I think it is **** when I try ti install XP it goes through the usual but then informes that it cannot find the hard drive to install the new os on, this seems a bit fishy to me. Any help would be greatly neaded.

many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 10 Dec 2008

2. Reboot and Boot to your XP CD-ROM
3. Start the Recovery Console
4. Run Fixboot
5. Run fixmbr to reset the master boot record
6. Exit the Recovery Console
7. Reboot

  Fingees 17:19 10 Dec 2008

New Laptops designed for Vista, are not always compatable with XP. Drivers etc.

I far prefer vista, I installed it when it first came out, and would not go back to XP

Anyway, I hope someone is able to help.

Best wishes.

  edenworkshops 18:55 10 Dec 2008

I still run win 2000, it is more stable in my experience than XP, I am not even going to try Vista or whatever comes after it until I start hearing good feedback about it.


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