How do you Format an NTFS file system? URGENT

  K_H 16:54 08 Feb 2003

hi, does any-one know how to format/ completely clear an NTFS file system so i can start afresh?



  K_H 16:59 08 Feb 2003

by the way im on XP home

  Rayuk 17:00 08 Feb 2003

You can use fdisk and delete any non-dos partitions.Then use WinXP setup disk
Not sure whether you can use WinXP setup disk to reformat as well,would try that course first.

  scooby43 17:03 08 Feb 2003

Hi K_H

Yes you can use your windows XP cd to format your hard drive just mbe sure that in ur bios it is set to look for your cdrom first


  AndySD 17:05 08 Feb 2003

Boot with the XP cd and either

Choose the Recovery Console
click here and use the format command


go to setup where it gives you the option to format the partition before you install.

  scooby43 17:08 08 Feb 2003

make sorry not mbe sorry for typo once you have made sure
1)insert your win XP cd in to your cdrom just as your pc starts,

2) when the cd starts to boot up press any key to continue then let the windows XP load then at the setup sequence it will show you your current drive and then you can format it I hope this helps


  K_H 17:14 08 Feb 2003

for your extremely fast response :)



Thanks again

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