How do you format a data DVD-RW?

  Red Devil 18:52 04 Jul 2007

Hi all,

Ok, I have a DVD re-writer and I want to back up some of my files to DVD.

But do you think I can work out how?

I can't seem to be able to format a DVD-RW so that it will accept data and a search on the net has so far unearthed the pearl of wisdom "use Nero" with no explanation as to HOW to use Nero to create a data DVD.

So do any of you experts have any advice on how I can create a data DVD so that I can write files to it as an when I need to?

Because, so far, it seems to be a process and a half just to do what should be, to me, the simple task of backing up data to a DVD.

Many thanks

  jimv7 18:56 04 Jul 2007

DVD RW is not considered a good medium to use for backup.

Use dvd-r or dvd+r instead.

Within nero choose the multisession and add files as needed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:58 04 Jul 2007

1) open Nero and select DVD from the top bar
2) select the action such as 'burn data disc
3) go to recorder in the top bar and select erase rewritable disc.


  Red Devil 19:07 04 Jul 2007

Sorry but that didn't work.

As soon as I tried I get the error that there's no disc present in the drive and that I need to insert a disc - even though there's a disc present. It just hasn't been formatted.

This is exactly the problem that gets me so wound up. Just WHY is it so difficult to create a data DVD?

This should be a simple process but it's a pain and a half.

Formatting a CD-RW is a breeze so why is formatting a DVD-RW so difficult?

  Stuartli 19:12 04 Jul 2007

You shouldn't need to format it unless you wish to use it in a similar manner to a hard drive.

As has been rightly pointed out RW disks are not the best medium for backups (or much else) as their reflectivity is very much less than a -R equivalent.

Again, as pointed out, you can use either a CD/DVD-R or RW disk in multisession form until it is full.

You must, however, ensure that the original name given to the file for each multisession disk is Saved in between, otherwise you will encounter problems.

Nero always asks if you wish to Save after each multisession and this should be OK'd.

  Red Devil 19:18 04 Jul 2007

Thanks and that is EXACTLY what I want to be able to do if it's possible.

Hence the reason why I am using DVD-RW's and not single shot recording medium.

Is it possible to do it the way I want and, if so, how?

Many thanks.

  pj123 19:29 04 Jul 2007

So, what are you using to format a CD?

What version of Nero are you using?

As has been pointed out, there is no need to format a DVD or a CD at all. I never format mine and I only use RW disks very occasionally because they are not very reliable.

But if you insist on formatting you would need something like InCD which normally comes with Nero. If you don't have it then it can be downloaded from the Nero site:
click here

  umbongo(uk) 19:37 04 Jul 2007

lol lets start from the beginning

dvd player make
and does it support dvd-rw and dvd+rw disc,s
media format as above, is the disc compatable with your drive//is the disc damaged

using nero to erase write data on dvd -/+ rw

open nero smart start

check that the top of nero states dvd

go to the extras tab

erase dvd

you do know that to erase the dvd in the first place there has to be data on the disc to erase

dont forget to leave the add files later date box checked

  Stuartli 19:49 04 Jul 2007

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