How do you 'enable' FlashPlayer in Google Chrome?.

  spuds 13:09 26 Nov 2013

Apparently trying to view a video using Google Chrome, I am being advised that FlashPlayer as been 'disabled', so the video cannot be displayed.

Going through various procedures, I cannot find the correct method for 'enabling' FlashPlayer to play on Google Chrome. This was after checking a few links provided by the original error message, on how to resolve this problem.

Anyone with any suggestions or ideas?.

  Woolwell 13:12 26 Nov 2013
  Batch 18:54 26 Nov 2013

You shouldn't really need to enable Flash in Chrome as it should be on by default (but not on Android devices - that's a whole different ball park).

Also you do not need to download a Flash plugin (e.g. from Adobe) as Chrome has a built in Flash plugin that is installed and updated automatically. It is known as PepperFlash. As far as I know it is from Adobe but just bundled with Chrome and tends to get updated more quickly (when there's an issue) than Adobe's own version. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if the reason for many Chrome updates is down to the Flash element needing updating (thanks a lot Adobe).

  spuds 11:54 27 Nov 2013

Thanks guys, all very much appreciated.

I have used the link Woolwell provided, and indeed FlashPlayer had been disabled, which I seem to now recall, I did due to another problem a few months ago (probably something to do with java?).

I haven't been able to test if enabling Flashplayer, as resolved the previous problem, but I will over time.

Thanks again, will now green tick.

  spuds 10:09 29 Nov 2013

Perhaps now worth a mention that I have noticed that Google Chrome appears to have got a little slower and less responsive since enabling FlashPlayer, so it looks like it might be something that needs watching more, for future correction or adjustment.

I have also noticed that on some websites, FlashPlayer now gives the option, via a yellow pop-up, of using FlashPlayer on that website either on a full time or part time one-off basis.

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